5/30 Record-setting day

With Travis Wood’s grand slam, the Cubs pitchers now have 19 RBIs for the month, a Major League record for most RBIs by pitchers in a calendar month by a National League team. The Major League record is 20 set in August 1940 by the Tigers pitchers, who, obviously, did not play with the DH at that time. The Cubs have one more day to break the mark.

— Carrie Muskat


Are you saying these are the most R.B.I.’s for National League Pitchers or the National League, in a month? Hard to believe it would be a National League record.

More ammunition to support the case that our position players need to be embarrassed. They are being shown up by our hurlers.

Well although we have a surplus of anemic hitters I believe the hitting prowess of this year’s pitching staff is an anomaly and we should realize they more than likely will return to form. All we need is for Sveum to get an idea as good as his PLATOONING strategy and move the pitcher spot from 9 to 8 (or 7!) in the batting order ala Tony LaRussa….Sveum has enough issues when he leaves Gregg in for 35 pitches. He should have had the foresight to have somebody else ready to take over for Gregg should things linger, which they did.

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