5/31 Celebrating the crosstown cup



Great job cubs and this winter go after Jason Vargas for a vet for the rotation

Yay Cubies! Made me proud today!! :’) Haha. I know that this will be a great rest of the season and the slump is finally over! I know that they will be the best, just like every year!🙂 YAY! I love you guys!!❤

And c’mon everyone see’s my man Barney right!?😉 LOL

Barney , the “Acrobat”! What a catch! He’s my guy for sure!

Excuse me White, he is MY man. Im sorry to inform you, lol (:

Isabel, You gotta learn to share, gal! I will share Barney with you until the end of the season and then he is all mine!

I do share but when it comes to him, I can’t. I’ll only share him today and that is it! Hahaha

I do share but I can’t with him I just can’t. Okay I’ll allow to share him only today, but that is it!🙂 haha

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