6/1 Draft update

The Cubs are focusing on four college players in the upcoming First-Year Player Draft, and three of those are competing in the NCAA baseball tournament, which got underway on Friday.

Pitcher Jonathan Gray struck out 11 in a complete game, helping Oklahoma beat Coastal Carolina, 7-3, on Friday in the NCAA Regional opener. The Sooners play Connecticut on Saturday in the double elimination round.

San Diego third baseman Kris Bryant was 0-for-3, drawing a walk, in a 9-2 loss to Cal Poly. San Diego plays San Diego State on Saturday.

Third baseman Colin Moran was 1-for-5 in North Carolina’s 6-3 win over Canisius. The Tar Heels face Towson on Saturday.

Stanford pitcher Mark Appel’s team did not qualify for the tournament.

The Cubs have the second pick overall on Thursday, behind the Astros.


The lack of prime pitching talent in AA and AAA will probably force the Cubs to use the 2nd overall pick on an arm. He may cost more and is a Boras client, but I like Appel. Gray sounds like a potential ace as well, but from what I’ve read he’s not as polished.

I recall another poster touting Appel, but shall not name the dude. I doubt Appel will be available to Cubs, as believe Astros will pick him first. Gray was shaky in opening innings of yesterday`s contest vs. Coastal Carolina, a team I`ve seen play multiple times. Gray settled down and was unscored upon in mid and late innings. Is interesting that Bryant is lead off batter for his team, San Diego. Is unusual for a power hitter. Despite all the pub Bryant has received due to his dingers, Moran may very well be a better prospect.

UConn`s upset of Virginia Tech yesterday was big. VT was heavily favored and has dominated my team, Virginia, this season.

I do think it prudent that we select a pitcher, mamma. Most feel Appel has more upside than Gray, but I do not see passing on either. Gray is a big boy. Reminds me of Matt Cain. Do not know if his stuff is comparable to that of Cain at similar stage.

Did a little research on Gray. Has two plus pitches, the fast ball and hard slider. Fast ball has reached triple digits at times. Was out of shape when first arriving at Oklahoma, but got with a nutritionist and became serious about his finess, Was drafted twice prior by Royals in 2009, I believe, and Yankees in 2011. Stayed in school obviously, but this time is very different.

That was “fitness” I butchered.

Some draft prognosticators rank two high school athletes ahead of both Bryant and Moran.

As you were, the latest news I`ve heard is that Gray has surpassed Appel on most draft boards. Means Astros are likely to take Gray #1 unless they opt for a position player like Moran. Means the boys on this site who covet Appel may get their wish granted. He set the all time strikeout record at Stanford. I believe this will be second time Theo has had a shot at drafting Appel.

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well there went the winning streak….oh well…questionable calls all night went in d-backs favor including some close pitches for marmol,,,but still gotta love them cubbies!

Did not see game, but judging from highlights, our relief pitching was atrocious and is principal reason our winning streak was halted at five. This draft matter is fluid. We are at the mercy of Stros. There is the possibility they could take a position player like Moran. If that scenario presents itself, we would have choice betwixt Appel and Gray. I want to know why Tom and others are partial to Appel, as I am liking Gray the more I learn about him. His numbers are very impressive; specifically his era, and punch outs per nine innings.

Who was the guilty?Sveum? well, I think that last night was the last time the we seen to Marmol, Cubs could win yesterday, but someone on the cave send at Marmol at daimond,why? I don’t know…ok, we have to turn the page an do what the team came doing..winning..and regard to Marmol, I’m sure that he got dignity and will leave the team, It were a lot of opportunities to him and always was the same, so, what we can expect from him?NOTHING!!

Cubs doesn’t need people like him,,Cubs need people with characteer at got advance without fear,,with the desire to make the miracle..and we seen the Marmol isn’t that kind of player

Thank heavens I went to bed before Marmol was on the mound! Saved myself from the usual screaming, swearing, medical emergency scene. It was bad enough having to put up with 1st base umpire’s ineptness. he must be deaf/and or blind! Barney, Rizzo and Samardj looked like they’d been hit with rocks. Sveum looked like he was ready to throw punches. New game today. We’ll be ready.

how abt the Cubs focusing on getting rid of marmol, what a waste.

Any ideas on how to accomplish getting rid of Marmol, Joe? They keep telling us he will get better and back in control – not going to happen! Once he was great, now he is not.

Am disappointed you all are not giving myself any feedback on this draft issue. This is our future. Get real! If you believe we are going to contend this season, you are in denial. We need to draft an athlete who will excel at major league level and help us get to the promised land. We have the second pick, and have no room for error. We can`t muck this up.

This is a tough one, my gut is telling me they should go after the best thirdbaseman available to make up for Vitters and Stewart because a pitcher can go south so much faster than a position player BUT we need pitching as well since we will lose some at the trade deadline. It’s a roll of the dice, can’t complain about whoever is chosen. But I would now lean toward a third baseman and worry about trading for some PROVEN pitching or signing PROVEN free agent pitchers with a track record of talent, success and health in a couple of years…

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