6/2 Cubs lineup

The Cubs close their weekend series against the Diamondbacks on Sunday, sending Edwin Jackson against lefty Patrick Corbin. Here’s the Cubs lineup:

Borbon CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Hairston RF
Navarro C
Ransom 3B
Barney 2B
E. Jackson P


And the umpires today are -??? And Marmol will be warming the bullpen seats – ??? All right then – we’re good to go!

I seem a good lineup,only I’d like Nate Schierholtz on the right,,,I continue saying that Hairston is a flower of an day

I don’t understand why we continue to platoon Schierholtz in right field when he has the highest batting avg and is with the top 4 in rbi’s, hrs and extra base hits all as a platoon player. We need more consistency in the outfield

Well Marmol is on the mound again. Lucky us! This is unimaginable and inexcusable on Sveum’s part. Maybe the rest of the team should just walk off the field and the fans should get up and leave immediately. And Sveum and Marmol should head off for their honeymoon. I am so done with this love affair.

Mamma Mia – That about sums it up! Good one. Our starting pitchers are probably at the “WhyBother” point about now as are the rest of the team. Play their hearts out for 6 or 7 innings and “down the tube we go”. But mainly I think Marmol is the most demoralizing of the bunch. Once he has come in and done his damage the team, including bullpen, seems to deflate and not be able to regroup. Is this to be tolerated for the entire 2013 season?

Let her yell, Mamma Mia! I love it! She and I would hit it off real well I think.

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