6/2 Diamondbacks 8, Cubs 4

Edwin Jackson has had worse seasons, and he’s definitely had better, but right now, the Cubs right-hander is frustrated. Jackson served up seven runs over 5 2/3 innings to the Diamondbacks, who took advantage of an error and romped, 8-4, on Sunday over the Cubs. Gerardo Parra and Cody Ross each hit two-run singles, and Wil Nieves added a pair of RBI singles to help Patrick Corbin remain unbeaten at 9-0.

“It’s probably one of the most frustrating seasons I’ve been through,” said Jackson, who has one win in 11 starts. “It’s disappointing when you feel like you’re not going out to help the team have a chance to win a game. I’m a way better pitcher than I’ve shown. It hasn’t been anything about confidence. I just haven’t been getting the job done. I’ve been through a lot of up and down seasons, but this has been a pretty frustrating season to say the least, and it’s shown in the stats and numbers and everything.”

The right-hander’s previous two starts had been interrupted by rain. On Sunday, it was unseasonably cold, with a game-time temperature of 47. He gave up 12 hits — all singles except a double by Cody Ross in the third — and walked three. Not even the defensive shift could help. The Cubs moved third baseman Cody Ransom to the right side of second and had second baseman Darwin Barney in shallow right and Jason Kubel still lined a single between them in the fifth.

“He hasn’t really caught any breaks,” Barney said of Jackson. “This is what he does for a living, he’s a competitor, he’ll come back ready to pitch the next time and he’ll say the same thing. We’re going to see better things out of him, that’s for sure.”

The Cubs hope so. They made a four-year, $52 million commitment to Jackson this offseason. He is now 1-7 with a 7.87 ERA in nine starts at Wrigley Field.

“The last few outings, he’s pitched with conviction and today, I think could’ve been a whole [different] ballgame if that fly ball was caught,” Dale Sveum said.

The mistake came in the second. Nieves and Cliff Pennington singled, and Corbin lofted a ball to center. Julio Borbon closed his glove before he caught the ball for an error, and the bases were loaded. Parra hit a two-run single, and Didi Gregorius was safe on a fielder’s choice. Corbin scored on a wild pitch to take a 3-1 lead.

“Right now, it’s not about me throwing strikes, it’s just quality strikes,” Jackson said. “I felt that today, I came out and made some pitches and they had an inning where they had an error, and I got behind and got a ground ball and it was through the hole. I had ground balls and they were just through holes. When things are going bad, everything goes bad. When things are going good, you can make the same pitches and they go right at someone.”

— Carrie Muskat


Another Cub fan had a good idea several weeks ago that I hoped Dale would consider. It seems Jackson usually starts off pretty good. So why not let him try out middle relief? We now could have Villanueva back at starting. And let Marmol sit out about a week or two. Jackson could really get his confidence up that way, then move him back into a starting position, when they need him. Send Marmol back to Iowa to figure out his problems, not at the fan’s expense.

I suggested that move to Iowa for Marmol five weeks ago, Shery, and was ignored. The powers that be do not care about us fans. They dismiss us at their peril, don`t you agree?

There’s just no defensible reason to justify giving Jackson any more starts. He’s been nothing short of horrible. Only 3 quality starts out of 11 tries. Cubs are 2-9 when he starts. That’s unacceptable. You basically go into a game knowing 2 things… you better score a lot and the bullpen better be ready early. They’re gonna force another bad contract down our throats (Soriano, Marmol).

On a lighter note – did anyone notice Rizzo’s socks and pant legs yesterday? Is this a new fashion statement? Every time I looked at him I had to laugh.

I hear you White. My mom used to call that “high waters.” Glad Rizzo did that as it brought back that memory of my mom along with a flood of others.

Jhosk – thanks! I had no idea what that was called. I wonder what gave Rizzo the idea to do that. Maybe he knew we all needed a “happy note” to enjoy.

Marmol is still a Cub, WHY????????????????????????????????????

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