6/4 Cubs lineup

Alfonso Soriano will be the designated hitter Tuesday night and Starlin Castro was dropped to seventh in the batting order for the Cubs. Castro batted .252 in May. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF
Valbuena 3B
Rizzo 1B
Soriano DH
Schierholtz RF
Sweeney LF
Castro SS
Castillo C
Barney 2B

Feldman p


Very different and interesting lineup today. Hope I can stay awake – get up at 5AM and usually out by 9. BUT can’t miss anything so I’ll rev up on caffeine. Chocolate is full of caffeine right???

I hope the Cubs keep up there good work! They have been doing an awesome job lately, making me proud :)

Oh my goodness – no more chocolate?! The funny thing is that with MS I am legal for marajuana. Here I used to preach the sermon to my 3 kids not to try it and now they think it is hilarious that mom is legal for it. But no thanks anyway. LOL. When will we know who all is suspended? Hope none of our guys! Enjoy the game tonight Mamma!

its Ryan Braun…. not Ryne

Hey Momma…or is it Mamma?, You better get the names correct as THAT is the MAJOR point/concern you are bringing up…duh. Some people have not the capacity to actually UNDERSTAND your comments which I think are clear. Speaking of names, have you noticed that our own RYNE Sweeney is making a good case for more playing time in the outfield? Hmmmm…replace Dejesus? No, David is doing an admirable job in CF. Replace Schierholtz? No, Nate is doing an admirable job in RF. Replace…..I’m done as I am sure YOU understand my clear meaning. Now….have you received any “special” brownies from White??? :)

Mamma – Any van full of guys showing up at my door will be doing yard work immediately! Rake the woods, weed the veggie garden, etc. Bring ’em on! This MLB drug bust looks to be huge. On another note I see that Castro has been bumped to 7th. Are they trying to take the pressure off him?

HEY – joeydatrout – Brownies are on the way! After a morning of baking Mamma and I are going to be contestants in a Spelling Bee to help us communicate better with those who nitpick over spelling rather than content. Sweeney sure got our attention last night! LF looking good for him, yes?

Yis, no dowt abowt it Wyte.

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