6/6 Draft day

OK, you’ve read about the top prospects, you know the Cubs have needs in the system — especially pitching — and heard that they want an impact player. They have the second pick overall. Who would you pick among the final four?

Oklahoma RHP Jonathan Gray
Stanford RHP Mark Appel
North Carolina 3B Colin Moran
San Diego 3B Kris Bryant


Mark Apppel, if Houston snaps him up, then Gray.

I agree exactly. Valbuena is the 3B for the future.

Really doesn’t matter, the “brilliant” front office–You know, the same guys who signed Edwin Jackson to a 4 year, $52 million deal, can’t make mistakes—can they?

I think we should have Appel!😀

Appel is my first choice, if he is on the board. Bryant is really good and has tremendous bat speed.

Houston made it easy for me. Wanted Appel, but then I saw the commentators player comparison. ‘Frickin Mark Pryor.. Bryant fine with me. Good 2 pick call. Pulling a Houston by probably saving some money for 2 @ 3 rounds.

I disagree with you all. Your flawed thinking is reason why we have not won a championship in close to 105 long long long long years. Do you all follow myself? Gray was the choice, and you all will regret this choice in perpetuity.

I hear you, mamma. I got carried away there and bloviated. My bad!

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