6/6 More on Bryant

Third baseman Kris Bryant, whom the Cubs selected second overall, was recommended by area scout Alex Lontayo.

“Kris had an incredible season at San Diego, hitting for both power and average,” said Jason McLeod, Cubs Vice President of Scouting and Player Development. “He is a big, strong, athletic player, and we feel he has the attributes of someone who could fit into the middle of a lineup at the major league level. He has the ability to hit for average along with power to all parts of the park.”


What about fact that Bryant`s team was part of one of the lamest conferences in all of Division I baseball and that he did not distinguish his person in last week`s regional tournament where his team was dismissed? Why is that not a consideration? You try to embellish all the positives, but you are dealing with a critical thinker in myself, and I see through it all. Gray was the intelligent pick, and you can obfuscate til the cows come home, and it will not modify my view or that of clever observers of this scene.

That pitcher for LSU was even more impressive than Gray, Mamma. He could be close to the #1 selection in the 2014 draft, I`m thinking. Both have the potential to reach the show. Gray`s challenge will be to excel in that Rockies`band box stadium, a pitcher`s nightmare. Am looking forward to tomorrow`s Virginia game vs. Mississippi State. Renfro with Mississippi State is a load. Was picked early by someone in yesterday`s draft and is a load.

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