6/7 Cubs lineup

The Cubs face lefty Francisco Liriano on Friday as they open a homestand against the Pirates and Reds. Here’s the lineup:

Barney 2B
Ransom 3B
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Hairston RF
Castillo C
Castro SS
Sweeney CF
T. Wood P


Winning lineup! Same as the last game. Let’s do it again.

Sveum likey Sweeney??? LF is calling!

Soriano caught stealing…tsk, tsk, there goes his trade value as an awesome lead-off man/base stealing threat. Guess those two stolen bases in one game days are over? Oh well, he still has value as a PURE hitter…oh…another strike out, this one to lead off an inning. Way to go Soriano, nice approach at the plate when leading off an inning…swing away! Swing for the fences! Woo Hoo!!! HEDAMAN!!!

Joey, Joey, Joey – I am going to have to open up a “Brownie Bakery” to serve the needs of our Cub’s fans. 1 dozen for you – just to help you with Soriano issues. Stay calm, friend. We all need you alive and kicking on our blog. LOL

Thanks so much White, you’re the best.

Whooo Barney at the beginning of the lineup!? That’s what I’m talking about! ;D

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