6/7 Draft – Day 2

In the third round of the First-Year Player Draft on Friday, the Cubs selected outfielder Jacob Hannemann, a left-handed hitting outfielder from Brigham Young University. He’s listed as a freshman but he delayed college to go on his Morman mission before school. The 22-year-old is a two-sport athlete, starring at cornerback for the BYU football team. He was named WCC Freshman of the year, which is impressive since he didn’t play baseball for two years. He could be a good center field prospect for a team willing to be patient.

Hannemann is a very athletic center field. He struggled in his initial return to baseball, batting .111 with three walks and 12 strikeouts in his first 40 plate appearances through Feb. 26. After that date, he batted .385 in 204 plate appearances.

Here are the picks from Friday:

Round 3: CF Jacob Hannemann, Brigham Young University
Round 4: RHP Tyler Skulina, Kent State
Round 5: RHP Trey Masek, Texas Tech
Round 6: RHP Scott Frazier, Pepperdine
Round 7: RHP David Garner, Michigan State
Round 8: LHP Sam Wilson, Lamar (Colo.) Community College
Round 9: CF Charcer Burks, William B. Travis High School, Texas
Round 10: RHP Zachary Godley, Tennessee

Day 3 of the Draft continues Saturday with rounds 11-40, streamed live on MLB.com, starting at 1 p.m.

— Carrie Muskat


BaseballAmerica has Hannemann rated something like 242 or so. So many higher rated players the Hannemann that Epstein passes up, and here we thought he wanted to stock up on pitching prospects. Hey Theo, are your scout advisors some on the same ones who advised Phillip K. Wrigley years ago?

Mamma, keep in mind that Bryant played in one of weakest conferences in Division I and that he looked pedestrian vs. the good teams he faced in San Diego`s regional last weekend when his team was eliminated. Am not raining on your parade, am I? Btw, I know your wife and you will agree the Sooner women were more than deserving of their championship. I believe I read they have been ranked #1 all season, and that state is deserving of some positive news after the tornadoes.

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