6/7 No Bryant in Cubs lineup — not yet

Kris Bryant, the Cubs’ first-round Draft pick, was so confident in his ability, he said he was ready to play in the big leagues now. That prompted manager Dale Sveum to check with the team’s traveling secretary to see if the third baseman was headed to Chicago for Friday’s game.

“I was looking for a flight manifest to see if we could get him in the lineup today,” Sveum said.

Not yet. Bryant was the second player taken overall in Thursday’s First-Year Player Draft. The 20-year-old infielder led the nation with 31 home runs for San Diego.

“We got the best hitter in the Draft,” Sveum said. “He’s an athlete, 6-5, great body, can run, throw and obviously, we know about his power. Watching all the video on him, I loved his mechanics hitting and his strength and ability to hit the ball to center field and right center field is a plus.

“Whenever you get the best hitter in the Draft, one thing, knock on wood, is that they’ve hit in the big leagues,” Sveum said.

Watching video, Sveum could also tell Bryant had the athleticism to handle third base. Seeing Bryant hit got Sveum excited about the future.

“Just watching him, he has pretty good mechanics that usually last and will play well in the big leagues,” Sveum said. “It’s nice to have a guy who out-homered 200 major college teams.”

— Carrie Muskat


Am disappointed with this pick. We need pitching desperately. Theo and cohorts were driven off by that adderall issue. Adderall is not a PED. Larry Bowa on the MLB Network opined that Bryant does not project as a major league hot corner guy. Bowa sees him as a first baseman. Does that mean we got him to alternate with Rizzo? How is that going to work? Jonathon Gray is a beast. Has reached triple digits with fastball and his slider is a plus pitch too. Compares favorably with Strasburg at same stage and reminds many of Clemens and Josh Johnson. Five players who were chosen in last year`s draft (2012) have reach the majors this season, the latest being Alex Wood , the southpaw called up by the Braves last week. Gray`s coach at Oklahoma said he would not be surprised if you see Gray this season in Majors. That`s unrealsitic, but next season is not. I hope the Bryant pick works out. You all who are comfortable with the Bryant pick, let`s compare notes say two years from now, and see what we think. Is that fair? I`ll be pleased to admit I`m wrong if Bryant`s upside at that time clearly trumps Gray`s.

I really like Bryant pick and am glad they took a position player over any pitcher. I’ll be glad to compare notes in a couple years. How do you know he can’t play 3B? And if he can’t, he is athletic enough to move to OF. Hard to not take best hitter available. Appel was best pitcher

Well said Carrie. Pitchers can be riskier, still a sour taste from Prior. We can always trade for some quality pitchers in a few years after the 8 position players are assembled. Keeping Prior would now seem to be a Priority! (pardon the word play….ha!)

2 or 3 years from now to compare is very fair jhosk. Just put me in favor of the Bryant pick.
Pitching this year has been great. Hoyer and Epstein have done a very good job with FA pitching and picking up Pitching. Yes, Fuji is hurt, Scott Baker still on the DL, Vizcaino has had a set back.
Start with Maholm, Feldman, Villanueva signed as FA’s. Then the trade for Wood. Getting two 17 y/o Pitchers from the D Backs for a speedy OF thats not even on their 25 man roster. Just about every trade has involved a prospect Pitcher. Last years Draft, they drafted 22 pitchers, signing 16. Dont forget last years Lendy Castillo and this years Rondon’s rule 5 pick ups.
My thoughts are the Cubs are having trouble scoring or hitting with runers in scoring position. 3B has been a problem for the Cubs for years with Santo (who made tons of errors). Ron Cey and ARAM the only exceptions. Only Santo being home grown.
So not only has the Pitching been and being addressed, but now you have Hendry left over Baez, then Hoyer/Epstein, Almora, Soler, Bryant, Pierce Johnson, Christian Villanueva, ( Dempster Trade ) Duane Underwood and Paul Blackburn too look forward too.
I think the organization is very weak at catching, then again, the top 5 catching prospects this year were all HS catchers.
The Cubs now have some serious power bats growing in the system, looking forward to watching them grow and advance.

Good pitching is more important than good hitting, jasper. I know it is not the case with us, but good hitters are a dime a dozen. Potentially superb pitchers are much more rare, and we just passed on one. Btw, there is a good chance you can see Gray pitch tonight on one of the ESPN`s at 7:00PM Eastern, as his Oklahoma team faces LSU in a Superregional. If he does not pitch tonight, then I would think he will tomorrow in the second game of that best of three tournament, also to be played at 7:00PM Eastern on one of ESPN`s.

jhosk, you and mamma bring some valid arguments no doubt. We must keep in mind that good hitters may be a dime a dozen but great hitters are more rare than that and hopefully we have the next “Chipper Jones”. I think picking Bryant and “forsaking” Gray is a lot more justifiable than trading for Stewart. When the Cubs field the 8 everyday players in a few years and we still need some quality pitching to go along with The Shark (hopefully we keep him….) I have confidence that Hoystein will pull the trigger on some FA pitchers and trades. It is NOW interesting to see which pitchers WILL be FA’s in one or two years. We need some bonafide #1 starters, The Shark should be #2 (or even 3) on a championship Cubs team and Jackson should be the fifth starter.

Sorry, I disagree, only at Draft time. Strasburg is an example of my reasoning, hurt his 1st year, very good his 2nd, now hurt again and having a poor year. Remember Brian Taylor? If you have enough good talent, you can trade for a consistant Pitcher, Wood as an example.
You can sign FA pitchers with a good track record of being competitive consistant You can draft young pitching coaching them as they develop. You can add young pitching in your trades as Hoyer has done.
I guess I am very happy with this pick. Everyday players get hurt too, but not like Pitchers throwing mid 90’s to triple digits. I have no interest in Gray, he is not a Cub.

Sorry to hear you are that narrow, jasper. I`m a baseball fan. I enjoy the entire landscape of baseball, the National league and the American League, and also college level baseball. Am a baseball junkie and am proud of it. Follow the current scene, but am respectful of the history too. That remark about the opportunity to see Gray pitch tonight on tv was intended for all the posters here. That game has the potential to be one of best pitching matchups you will see on any baseball level, as the LSU hurler is elite also.

Not narrow at all jhosk, love baseball, I am just 100% Cubs fan.

Not sure what that means jasper; if you are 100% for Cubs, is that to the exclusivetivity of other major league teams or college teams? If I were to follow only the Cubs, I would surely become despondent in short order as winning is foreign to that organization.

Sounds like your looking for a fight? Why? Because I didnt agree with Gray as the pick?
If so, not playing your game! You call me narrow, you dont know me. You dont even get my meaning on the Gray comment, you want to debate that. Get over yourself.
I like the Bryant pick, you wanted Gray, so what? You want to watch Gray on ESPN, I dont, so what?

Wow! Glad I did not see this last night. May not have been able to sleep. Talk about being testy. Chill! It`s only a game we are taling about.

Intended to type “talking” there, of course.

I think… the picks have to correspond to the realistic expectations of the front office as to when they believe the team will be competitive.

Pitcher development is a crap shoot. Due to the ever-present threat of Tommy John. I am looking at you glass cannon Strasburg, and thanks for visiting Fukijawa (jawa doesn’t seem right but I am going to leave it) And while Appel might be the most mature and developed pitcher in the draft, the Astros are the most immature and underdeveloped team in baseball. Why trot out your new Porsche 911 to go 4 wheeling in the mud bog.

But with that said you got to start somewhere. I like the Cubs pick. And I think its reflective of the strength of our starters this year, the revolving door at third, and perhaps the belief that the cubs who are 14.5 games out and also losers of 13 1 run games, might not be nearly as bad as previously thought.

Besides at least we didn’t get another SS🙂

nice post andrej Milas, I agree with the comment pitcher development is a crap shoot.
As stated above by jhosk, hitters are a dime a dozen, so when the Cubs get closer to being competitive, they can trade all the excess dime a dozen hitters for a quality consistant arm from another Organization.

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