6/8 Castro’s struggles

Starlin Castro started his 255th consecutive game on Saturday but Cubs manager Dale Sveum said he’s considering giving the shortstop a day off in hopes of getting him back on track offensively. Castro was batting .250 entering Saturday’s game, and was batting seventh in the order for the fourth straight game after hitting second most of the season.

“It’s an everyday battle right now,” Sveum said of the two-time All-Star. “He’s a cutter and slasher [type hitter], who’s going to swing the bat. I’d like to see him back to where he was in 2010 and 2011 when there was a lot less movement going on. He thinks it’s the same mechanics, but they’re not the same mechanics from when he came up. It might look the same but there’s way more movement going on.”

In 2010, Castro batted .300 and followed that with a .307 season and 207 hits. But because he’s had success so early, it’s been a little tough to get Castro to make adjustments. The problem, Sveum said, is that there’s too much movement in Castro’s swing.

Castro’s current consecutive games streak is the longest in the National League. Has Sveum considered giving the shortstop a day?

“It’s getting closer,” Sveum said. “I’m thinking about it more, I should say.”

— Carrie Muskat


The manager is late to the party with his possibly sitting Castro in near future. That was suggested here more than a week ago. Also, I`ve heard tell that Sveum and his coaches are more than a little responsible for Castro`s hitting issues as they tampered with the young shortstop`s swing back in spring training. I believe it was their intention to see more power from Starlin`s bat. Please correct me if I`m mistaken.

Jhosk, You are probably right. I think the coaches tampered with not only Castro but also Rizzo, Barney and who knows who else. Our offense has diminished rather than improved from last year – at least that is what it looks like to me. Perhaps we need different coaches, not different players. I also think that everyone has placed more value on Castro than is merited. I have always thought of him as more of a “flash in the pan” than a steadily improving player. Don’t think he will ever have the attention span needed for improvement. I do hope he can get it all put together for his future.

You make some good points, White. Castro does appear distracted or unfocused at inappropriate times.

I think he’s just in a slump. Just like the Cubs were but after playing against the Soxs they got better! He’ll do better soon🙂

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