6/9 Extra bases

* The Cubs are hitting just .164 (42-for-256) with 14 runs scored in eight games against the Pirates this season, an average of 1.8 runs per game. Chicago has a .257 average (449-for-1,748) and is averaging 4.5 runs in its 51 other contests (228 runs total).

* Anthony Rizzo has reached base safely in 12-straight games, tied for his single-season career-high, also done Aug. 30-Sept. 10 last season.

* Alfonso Soriano hit his 379th career home run on Saturday, tied for 64th-most in Major League history. His 171 home runs as a Cub rank 13th in franchise history, three behind Andre Dawson who is 12th with 174.

* On Saturday, the Cubs finished the First-Year Player Draft, and selected 19 pitchers (16 right-handers and three left-handers), seven infielders, eight outfielders and six catchers. Of the players taken, there were 22 college players, seven junior college players and 11 high school players.


Good morning, White. Both our college teams lost yesterday. For each to go to Omaha, will need to do it the hard way, by winning next two contests.

I saw that in the paper this morning Jhosk. Hope they can pull it off in the next 2 games. What college are you rooting for?

My team is Virginia, White. How about the Cubs today! I was so upset with Ransom getting picked off second base when we had a potential rally going, I stopped watching. Heard on radio several hours later that we had won and Cody hit a three run long ball. Guess he made up for his brain cramp.

Your team being Virginia, Jhosk, I imagine you live on the East coast. I grew up in the East and loved visiting my uncle in Falls Church, VA. Sorry you missed the end of the game – it was great when Ransom got the HR. Fun to win!

I do recall you writing that you once lived in Connecticut, White, and reckon you wrote you still have kin in the Nutmeg state. (Btw that subject came up in today`s tv broadcast; the Nutmeg state, I mean). I lived in Ct. once also , and am now domiciled in Pa. Jackson must have pitched well today as I know he started the game and the Pirates scored just one run in the entire game. Is high time Jackson gave us something. USA Today commented this week that his signing was regarded as curious at the time, and now is seen as “just silly.” He needs to do something about that perception, as it will profit all of us for him to do so. Means we will be taken seriously as a ballclub.

Oregon State won yesterday, how did Virginia do Jhosk? I haven’t seen the paper yet. So you live in Pa. I was born in Philadelphia and lived on the Delaware river for 12 yrs. before heading North to CT and Maine. PA is a lovely state – my roots are Quakers in PA. Jackson did so well yesterday and I hope he can keep doing well. The offense came through for him. Hoorah for Ransom. Have a great day, jhosk and please have some scrapple for me. Can’t find it here in Oregon. Dang, it was good!

You have an interesting history, White. We are going to have a family reunion in Maine in August. Oregon State won easily and will play deciding game tonight vs. Kansas State. My team`s status is more problematical. Cavs were trailing by two runs in bottom of seventh when game was suspended due to inclement weather. Game will resume today at 4:00 Eastern. Virginia has come from behind to win in 23 games this season.

Jhosk – Where in Maine? Have you ever heard of Squirrel Island out of Boothbay Harbor?

The reunion location will be Long Lake which is northwest of Portland near the towns of Bridgton and Naples. I did find Squirrel Island on my map, but was not aware of it until you cited it. Is that where you once lived? Meant to write earlierthat Virginia has the same issue as the Cubs: not enough pitching. That won`t do in a tournament like this where all the teams are stellar. The next time I have scrapple, I`ll think of yourself.

Yes Jhosk- My father owned a summer resort hotel on Squirrel Island purchased right after WWII. Scrapple in PA, lobster in Maine. Hope our teams do well tonight!

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