6/9 Go Blackhawks

The Cubs have been rooting for the Blackhawks in the NHL playoffs, and many will be at Wednesday’s Game 1 of the final against the Bruins. The Blackhawks advanced with a double overtime win on Saturday against the Kings.

“It’s nice to have a championship in the city,” Dale Sveum said Sunday. “It’s nice to be able to go and root for the team that’s in your city. A lot of us are into it and we’re hockey fans. It was the big talk this morning. It’s something, when you’re involved in that before, in championships, and people who witness that who haven’t been part of
championships, it kind of gives you goosebumps to understand the reality of it, whenever that happens. That’s the emotions you get when you’re in those situations. … I don’t know how quiet that place got when they were nine seconds away from going to the Stanley Cup. … I’ve been there and know how loud it is.”

It’s been fun to watch some of the players who haven’t been exposed to hockey very much get involved in the game. Coach Franklin Font, who is from Venezuela, went to his first game this year.

“He said, ‘This is the greatest sport ever,'” Sveum said of Font.

Sveum used to have season tickets to the Phoenix Coyotes, but stopped when the team moved out west to Glendale, Ariz.

“I’ve always been a Blackhawks fan anyway,” he said.

He would take his son, Rustin, to Coyotes games.

“He lost his first couple teeth at hockey games,” Sveum said. “He wanted to wait and pull them out at the hockey game. He said, ‘I’m not taking them out until we get to the game’ and he pulled them out himself.”

Sveum knows his football allegiance has been questioned.

“some people don’t like that I’m a Packers fan,” he said. “But when you adopt teams, it’s not that you’re a Bears hater. My true blood is I’m a Raiders fan. I do despise the 49ers. Maybe not ‘despise’ — they’re not my favorite team.”

— Carrie Muskat


Great news about Blackhawks but we must be watching out for Mamma Mia who was last seen aboard a “Rent-A-Car” over the skies of Oregon! Rah Mamma! Your joy is being heard round the world. Love ‘ya.


Careful Isabel, we have to keep Mamma Mia as calm as possible so meds are not required! LOL

Haha your so funny🙂

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