6/10 Baez hits 4 HR

Javier Baez had a historic night Monday. Baez, the Cubs’ No. 1 Draft pick in 2011, hit four home runs and drove in seven runs in Class A Daytona’s 9-6 victory over Fort Myers, and is the second player in the 94-year history of the Florida State League to do so.

Baez belted a two-run homer with one out in the first off Matt Tomshaw, a leadoff shot in the third off Tomshaw, a three-run blast in the fifth off Adrian Salcedo, and a solo shot with two outs in the seventh off Jose Gonzalez. He now has 13 home runs for the season and 44 RBIs. The only other player to hit four home runs in a Florida State League game was another Cubs prospect, Ryan Harvey, who did so July 28, 2006, also for Daytona.

The last Cubs Minor Leaguer to belt four homers in a game was Micah Hoffpauir, who hit four solo shots Aug. 9, 2008, for Triple-A Iowa.

Baez is well ahead of last year’s pace when he hit 16 home runs — 12 with Class A Peoria and four more with Daytona.


That’s awesome!😀 Congrats Baez!!

its easy to see how much Castro has changed his mindset at the plate…his first to years in the MLB he played with reckless abandon at the plate and hit everything but that is when he viewed it as a “game”. Now he has a child and I think he is viewing it as his “job” as in what he will use to support his child(ren) in the future….therefore he is not having the “fun” factor as much anymore. did anyone see his face light up last night when he got that hit? at least it seemed that way to me… of course this is just my observation I could be way off

hey you should just keep posting this till someone replies…

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