6/10 Stewart suspended without pay

Ian Stewart has been suspended without pay from Triple-A Iowa by the Cubs after his rant on Twitter about his status in the organization.

Theo Epstein, president of baseball operations, said the length of Stewart’s suspension would be announced either later Tuesday or early Wednesday.

“There is a loyalty clause in his contract that requires a certain standard of personal conduct and he didn’t adhere to that so he’ll be suspended,” Epstein said Tuesday.

Stewart apologized for his comments Tuesday afternoon. He tweeted: “I want to apologize to the entire Cubs organization for my comments on twitter.” Stewart said, “I let my frustrations get the best of me and in no way want to be a distraction.”

“I am focused on getting back to the big leagues and am working everyday to make that happen,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat


AWESOME!! That will save a few dollars on this very ungrateful, fill in the blanks.

It is pretty obvious that his agent wrote his apology tweets when you compare them to the previous night’s rant. I wonder if Stewart is contrite at all.

Again, so irrelevant. If this goes down as Hoysteins’s biggest mistake he’ll still be light years ahead of the God-awful Hendry screw ups. I think Hoystein will learn from it, move on and continue to BUILD with talented youth instead of problem free agents/trades ala Hendry. Stewart may very well be the last non-pitching “reclamation” project we see under the Hoystein watch. (hope so….)

A guy like Stewart has no ethics, Hoyer traded for him injured, took a gamble on him because the Cubs needed a 3rd baseman. He gets hurt last year, did not earn his money. Spent his Spring Training hurt and stayed up all night tweeting. Now he is in the Minors, not even hitting 200, crying like BEE that Sveum dont like him and he will not be back in Chicago for that reason.

I think the Cubs will suspend this guy without pay as long as possible to save a few bucks. Anyone with no loyalty or work ethics is tottaly worthless as a team mate and member of the Cubs organization.

Let him rot!!!!!!

There is enough blame for both sides of this debacle. For example, WHY did the Cubs need a third baseman (from outside the organization) if in fact the new regime NEW they were in for a “rebuilding” period of 3-5 years? Let’s say Stewart played well last year, this year, next year…to what avail? No championships during this time period and if he played himself into a big contract for 2015 then they are spending big money AFTER 4 years of drafts which would have (indeed DID) netted a third baseman IN TIME for the 2015 season (Bryant). I still think the Stewart trade was made more for showing the public they CAN trade and solve a problem post haste, kind of like strutting their feathers….it backfired. Sure they gambled on Stewart but it was an unnecessary gamble.

What an idiot -____-

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