6/12 Cubs lineup

Alfonso Soriano gets a day off Wednesday as the Cubs face the Reds in the third game of this four-game set.

DeJesus CF
Valbuena 3B
Rizzo 1B
Sweeney LF
Schierholtz RF
Castro SS
Castillo C
Barney 2B
T. Wood P


It is getting hard to know what to say after last night’s game BUT we’ve GOT TO KEEP HOPING AND LOVING OUR CUBBIES. Win or lose I am with you guys! Shirley Purrl is almost out of catnip trying to get through this drought.

Isn`t it high time we defeated Cincy? I read in today`s local paper here in Pa. that the Reds after last night`s debacle have a franchise-best winning streak at Wrigley Field of 11 games. Wow! We are being abused by this club. Where is our players` pride?

Yes, because pride is all it takes to win a baseball game… ugh! You want to know why the Reds have beat the Cubs 11 in a row at Wrigley? Because since last year, the Reds have been a far better baseball team than the Cubs have been. Pride has absolutely nothing to do with it! The last time the Cubs were good, back in the 2007-2009 era, the Cubs would beat the Reds on a regular basis because at that time the Cubs had more talent than the Reds. That’s all it is. And when the Cubs get good again and the Reds start to get old and bad again (think 2015 or 2016), it will probably switch back to the Cubs beating the Reds all the time.

Yes, Doug, but even a blind squirrel finds an acorn occasionally. Eleven straight is excessive. One would not be shocked if a Cub pitcher, for example, gave us a lock-down outing at same time Reds were off their game. It happens, but evidently not during this eleven game streak. Is an anomaly.

How do you know a blind squirrel can find a nut? I would think that a blind squirrel wanders around aimlessly for a bit and then a hawk swoops down and takes it away to feed its babies.

It is US fans getting a day off from Soriano….and in all fairness I wouldn’t mind a day off from Rizzo, he can use one too. Gee, I wonder who the geniuses have in mind to play first should Rizzo get a day off? The team is handicapped in that regard.
Valbuena? Probably Ransom. BUT…..an entertaining idea would be Castro??? Big enough, tall enough, reduced chances of errors etc. Hmmm…. I know I have been hard on Soriano all year and fair is fair when it comes to time off, Rizzo may have a breakout day today but that does not exempt him from a needed day off with HIS average plummeting just like Castro’s but it seems Castro is a target of Sveum and Rizzo is not. I guess the “tow the line” Sveum being one of “Epstein’s guys” is adverse to anything that can be derived as negative when It comes to Rizzo, a fellow “Epstein Guy”. I LIKE RIZZO, an “Epstein guy” but I like Castro a “Hendry guy” and Hendry despite all his blunders deserves some respect for adding Castro to the organization and Castro should not be singled out for “slumping”. Especially after two years of higher offensive numbers than Rizzo seems to be displaying SO FAR….

“tow the line” ??? It would be “toe the line” i believe ……….. Its not about Hendry this or Epstein that… its that this team SUCKS because we have about 2 guys who would be quality starters on a good team. I have said this time and time again, we need more production….plain and simple… screw who can get a GG if they can’t produce like an average MLer…. our SP has been good enough to wins some games but our bullpen and offense haven’t put it together… until that time we are going to be cellar dwellers in the MLB. We don’t have many young guys ready to be given a shot and rushing them isn’t the answer…. we just gotta suck for a while and if any of you out there thought we could push for a .500 win percentage this year I hope the wake up call has been received. Coming on here and throwing out wild, dumb ideas doesn’t do anything to make the Cubs a better team…. lets all just sit back and realize what we got here…. a turd of a team

The “Turd” has spoken. Now we are all well informed! Hoorah!

You rock White! Funny.

I’m just glad Barney and his .200 average are out of the leadoff spot!!

i know right… the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen………..

You want ridiculous? Let’s put Castro ( 4 for 42 ). At leadoff. Would that suit you? Oh but yes Barney has been out hitting Castro lately.

i don’t know where your senile eyes read that I said put Castro leadoff but you might wanna reread granny………. castro is in a slump he should down in the lineup too I have no problem with that but putting your weak hitting 2B in the leadoff spot when he has never shown the ability to leadoff this year or previously it looks quite ridiculous.

Message to Mr Know It All Petrey: 1. Yes, I am a proud mother, “granny” and a “great-granny”. 2. I am not senile in any way! Still got all my rocks in place. 3. I can spot a mean spirited, know it all, verbally abusive person like you with ease. You pick on Mamma Mia, you pick on Joey, you pick on me, you pick on anyone you can find to abuse, you pick on one player after another, you search out anyone’s weaknesses and capitalize on them. You just aren’t any fun at all. Eamus Catuli

P.S to Petrey: Out of 3 Cub’s hits today 1 was Barney’s. So he should not be leadoff hitter why?

No one hit means nothing… leadoff hitter needs speed and contact … best speedy obp guy…. Barney can’t be any of those… barney sucks which is why he bats 8… thank u next ignorant question please

All of us are united in our opinion of Pet. White, Joey and Mamma rock. Pet not so much. Sick is a real good description.

I called out petrey dish back in April when he disrespected myself. Told him at that time he was an a-hole. You are a coward also, and you know well what I base that on.

Mamma, I do not get why Baez is going to make an appearance in Mesa. Please edify myself. Btw, don`t you think it`s interesting that Blackhawks and Bruins have never met in a Finals, taking into account they have both been in existence since the 20`s?

This is for Doug, as I could not access a way to reply to your latest remark directly. I surrender! Is something the Cubs have been doing with regularity to the Reds and most other NL clubs. This offense is pathetic. Good hitters are not this hard to find. Our organization needs to reevaluate its approach. What you`re doing ain`t working. Hello!

One “person” (I use the term loosley….) that is even more irrelevent than Stewart is HWSRN. Please consider never acknowledging HWSRN by directly replying. Converse only with considerate commentators……us. Not a directive of course because I respect your own decisions, and I am not as HWSRN and TELLING you guys what to do. Just a humble suggestion that has worked for me and has turned out to be quite amusing as well…. jhosk, mamma, white, jim mcbride…way to go.
Doug, it will certainly take more than pride to succeed in the MLB but I hope you would agree it would certainly HELP those that have some if not much talent, right?
Kind of go hand in hand, no? We can all consideratley agee with that and move on?
BTW Doug the hawk thing WAS funny! Nice wit. C’mon guys, give Doug his due props for the hawk vs. the blind squirrel…jus thinking of it makes ya’ smile…

You are absolutely right joey. Should not respond to HWSRN but sometimes I just can’t help myself. Splutter, splutter – I get so mad! Trying to watch the Blackhawks right now in support of Mamma Mia and all but due to my MS symptoms (severe dizziness, etc.). I can’t follow all the motion without becoming totally nauseous. So I will just peek now and then and hope they win.

I hear you, White. Is hard to watch hockey on tv. Seeing games live at the arena is much more compelling. But am persevering. I agree supporting mamma is big. Hope his wife is able to go with the flow and understand his compassion.

Well White at least watching the Cubs play should not cause you such nausea….not much motion at a fast clip happening there…especially in left field. I pray for you White, I really do.

You’re welcome White, stay good.

Want some bread with that whine?

Do you follow hockey, dude, or does your neurosis not permit interest in more than one sport?

sure do…. go penguins

No thanks. It’s all good. I’ve got joey’s prayers. Thank you joey. You are right – I can watch the baseball games without dizziness setting in. Now we’ve got to help Mamma Mia get through these Blackhawk games in one piece. Hide all sharp objects, provide delicious spread of food, make sure his wife’s earplugs are handy, send encouragement daily and pray for a win! Go Cubs, go Blackhawks!

I do concur, joey. That hawk reference made me smile too. Doug is an okay dude.

I am mistaken. That hawk reference did more than bring a smile. The second time I read it brought a belly laugh.

The Blackhawks just won. Congrats. But please explain why the home team wore red. Usually the home team wears white. Mamma, I`m counting on you here. Please keep in mind I`ve had more than the recommended amount of my favorite adult beverage when I posed this question.

Sheesh! This was a long game. Wow!

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