6/12 Sveum backs Castillo

After Tuesday’s game, Cubs pitcher Matt Garza said he didn’t feel he’d found a good rhythm yet with catcher Welington Castillo.

“Being in this game for as many seasons as I have, I need to take control and I need to guide him through it,” Garza said. “I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do. I’m going to get ready in five days and try to make it right.”

Castillo has caught every one of Garza’s five starts this season.

“[Garza] pitched a pretty good game with [Castillo] behind the plate a couple outings ago,” manager Dale Sveum said of the right-hander’s May 31 start against the Diamondbacks, when he gave up two earned runs over seven innings. That also was Garza’s only win.

“If you get the ball up, it doesn’t matter who’s catching,” Sveum said.

That was the problem for Garza on Tuesday against the Reds when he served up a career high nine runs. Sveum said he does support pitchers who feel more comfortable with one catcher.

“In this case, it was definitely not warranted,” Sveum said.

— Carrie Muskat


Garza is not an outstanding pitcher at this point. Dale is correct about when you get the ball up in Wrigley. Sounds like Garza needs to take a team mate to dinner.

Garza has character issues. They are being revealed of late with this matter and also his inappropriate reaction to that perceived deliberate intent by the Cincy hurler to throw at one of our batters. I believe it was DeJesus. I still like Dusty`s comment that if the batter were Wilt Chamberlain, that pitch would not have struck him.

One of Sveum’s better comments….about time too.

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