6/13 Cubs 6, Reds 5, 14 innings

The Cubs played their own version of overtime on Thursday, as pinch-hitter Julio Borbon hit a walk-off RBI single with two outs in the 14th to post a 6-5 victory over the Reds and avoid a four-game sweep. Maybe they were inspired by the Blackhawks, who beat the Bruins in triple overtime Wednesday night in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. The Cubs snapped the Reds’ Wrigley Field winning streak at 12, the longest by an opponent in franchise history.

“I feel a lot better now that we broke that streak,” Dale Sveum said. “If we have to play extra innings to beat them, we’ll play extra innings.”

With the game tied at 5, Starlin Castro singled to center against Jonathan Broxton. Anthony Rizzo struck out, and Castro stole second on the play, and moved to third when Alfonso Soriano grounded out. The Reds intentionally walked Nate Schierholtz, who hit two triples in the game, to face Borbon, who lined a 1-0 pitch to left.

“I was looking for a pitch to drive,” Borbon said. “I was looking for that pitch middle away to be able to stay on it, and I got it, and I was ready for it.”

The game-winning hit came five hours after the first pitch. Borbon kept loose on the chilly day by stretching in the weight room, but didn’t take any swings off the clubhouse batting tee.

“It’s my first walkoff,” Borbon said. “It was definitely worth the wait.”

Sveum thought the game might be over in the ninth when Castro smacked a ball off the outfield wall in left, and ended up with a double.

“He crushed that ball,” Sveum said. “That was a a shame — we would’ve been in New York by now.”

The six runs were unusual for the Cubs, who averaged 2.4 runs per game in their last eight games entering Thursday. This was Castro’s first game back in the No. 2 spot after being dropped to sixth and seventh for eight games.

“After today, I might put him somewhere else,” Sveum said.

Chicago pitchers combined to strike out a season-high 19 batters, and the relievers shut down the Reds for eight innings.

“It was a good team effort,” said Blake Parker, who struck out three over two innings in relief. “For me to go in a tight situation, and it’s the first game I’ve been in that’s a close game, and it felt good. It felt like I was right where I wanted to be.”

* This was the Cubs’ longest game since a 6-3, 14-inning win June 7, 2009, at Cincinnati.

* Jeff Samardzija gave up a season-high 10 hits. He’s now 0-1 with a 3.50 ERA in three starts vs. the Reds.

* Hector Rondon earned his first victory, striking out four over two innings. Carlos Marmol struck out the side in the 10th, and now has 701 career Ks.

— Carrie Muskat


What a fun game to watch! Nail biter all the way. Barney’s game tying RBI was crucial. Hope the guys were all packed for the trip to NY. Late takeoff. New day, new game. Eamus Catuli

Even though Barney is not hitting well this season his glove still saves runs as evidenced by another stellar performance and he is capable of those “patented” right field singles when we really need them. Way to go Barney! Barney at SS, Valbuena at 2B, Sweeney at 1B (why not???) and Borbon in LF for a few games in a row would be a nice sight and give a mental break to Castro, Rizzo and Soriano, sending a clear message. But clear messages from Sveum are hard to come by lately….“After today, I might put him somewhere else,” Sveum said.
Does he just spin a bottle?

White, Oregon State plays Mississippi State in Omaha Saturday noon your time on ESPN 2. Mississippi State is team which eliminated Virginia.

Thank you jhosk for the heads up! There was a lovely article in this morning’s Oregonian about coach Pat Casey and his son, Jon. Perhaps you can find it online. Wasn’t that some game last night! Our guys sure needed some confidence building. Looking forward to today’s game.

Barney’s RBI was great! He has been doing great🙂

no he hasn’t… he is freaking terrible

Well you’re right but Im just trying to make myself see something positive…but he needs to be better with his defense because he’s been letting a few things pass that he could have gotten

Petrey, you are a hugely arrogant ass. You even have to pick on our Isabel – Pick on the rest if us if that makes you feel like you mean something to someone BUT LEAVE OUR SWEET ISABEL ALONE! And, by the way, Barney is NOT freaking terrible. Case Closed, Jerk?

Haha its okay White. People have their opinions and that’s Petreys. Its okay🙂

White you are priceless. Isabel is sweet. HWSRN is irrelevant. Try to remember that so you can remain calm and reduce your stress. Also remember that Barney is THE ONLY cub (position players) that has part of his game at a GOLD GLOVE level. NO other position player has an offense or defense at such a level. If a contending GM comes calling on Hoystein for a player to help his team down the stretch, and into the playoffs do you think that GM will want a player with gold glove defense up the middle in the late innings or ANY other Cub (position player) and what they have to “offer” a contending team? It’s Barney all the way. Uhhhhh, OK, maybe Schierholtz because he is capable of delivering off the bench offensively…. You want a ball hit to somebody to end the game and preserve a victory, the only Cub for that is Barney.

Thats right! And he is ALL mine😀

Thoughts on tonight`s Mets game: Is second consecutive excellent outing by Jackson; he`d better be careful as he could be taken seriously if this pattern continues; Castro hitless again and b.a. in .230`s now; did not manager comment recently that he could see the ss getting back to .300 range? I do not see that as realistic; does anyone? Give props to Gregg as his e.r.a. is a miniscule 0.89 or some ridiculous number in that neighborhood. I was critical of that signing at time, and plead guilty. {Keep in mind Gregg is doing this in meaningless irrelevant contests. Can he do this in games that matter, and by definition, involve pressure? Am willing to give the man benefit of doubt.}

Carrie, I love you. I´m at 8 decades and still counting. I have a question, does management (bench, front office, ownership) read the comments from fans? After all, we are the one´s really footing the bill. Most Cubs games get a couple of hundred comments on MLB.com blog, Yesterday´s latest meltdown from Marmol is up to somewhere near 700. Someone should be listening. I grant that all of them (management) probably know more about baseball than most of us, but we know more about the Cubs and our loyalties, and I really think that if Mr. Ricketts hopes to make a profit on his investment, he should be listening and acting, because he is running a serious risk of getting back to the 800-1000 fans in stands at the rate things are going. I can´t recall a Cubs-Sox series, even in times before interleague play, when it was held as the City Series at the end of Spring training with so few people in the stands.

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