6/14 David DeJesus injured

Cubs center fielder David DeJesus had to leave Friday’s game after crashing into the wall trying to make a catch. DeJesus was taken for X-rays, but apparently injured his right shoulder. The injury happened in the third inning. Check Cubs.com for more updates.


Ouch! That was ugly and I am praying for David. Want him to be pain free and heal well.

Did not see the the DeJesus play which resulted in injury. Can`t comment on. Gregg`s stock could not be higher. E.r.a. is below 1.00. Read in USA Today that Detroit`s closer Valverde has been shaky and fans are getting restless. Detroit excels in almost every other phase of game and its record should reflect that , but is not the case, due to inconsistent closer. Perhaps we could interest Tigers in ours since we are sellers or will be soon. Could receive some legit prospects in return. What do you all think?

Thanks for all the feedback I received on the Gregg suggestion. Am underwhelmed.

I do understand what you are saying about the Cubs being way down in wins jhosk but I don’t see Gregg as being anything but an asset to helping us get more wins – not trade bait. Sad loss for Oregon State. Hope we can prevail.

Good morning jhosk. In my opinion I think we should NOT trade Gregg for other prospects. I do not understand why when we have a really successful player our first thought is to trade them away for someone better. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

Don`t like to disagree with you, White, and Good morning back at you. It is broke, as we are irrelevant and uncompetitive. I see the standings each day and we are either last or next to last. A team which loses its first game at College World Series has a major challenge in winning championship, but it has been done before,as North Carolina did so a while ago.

Yes, White. I`ll be pulling for Oregon State, Yesterday`game could have gone either way, just as first two hockey games in Finals could have.

Very glad to hear that DeJesus’s injury is a sprain and nothing broken BUT can imagine it will be a while before he is back in the lineup. Get well David. Am wondering who will be brought up while he is on DL. Early game today and Oregon State game in Omaha. And Blackhawks. Busy day.

Do you all recall back on 03/31/11 when a Giants fan was assaulted at Dodger Stadium while walking to his car? Bryan Stow suffered permanent brain damage and he was recently released from a Bakersfield rehab center, not because he was ready, but because his insurance would no longer cover his care. He is now at is parents` residence in Santa Cruz and requiires 24 hour care from nurses etc. I despise incidents like this one. Stow was sucker punched by one of the lowlifes and kicked in the head by the other while on the ground. The two scum were arrested and are going to stand trial, but no date has been set. From what I`ve read, there is little doubt the authorities have the right suspects in custody, as both have made incriminating statements subsequently. Am wanting both convicted and sentenced to long prison terms. I feel for Stow and his family. He was a paramedic, by the way.

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