6/15 Hoyer on Draft, Bryant

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer talked to Chicago beat writers in New York about the recent Draft and the team’s rebuilding process:

“We know we need to continue to add pitching,” Hoyer said. “It is an organizational weakness. But they always say drafting for need in baseball is exceptionally dangerous. We just felt like for our money, we took the best player on the board. I don’t think it affects our timing, but it does mean that pitching will be an emphasis in future drafts and any kind of trades we might make and in free agency.”

The Cubs selected outfielder Albert Almora with their first pick in 2012, and chose third baseman Kris Bryant this June. But pitching dominated their other selections in the Drafts.

“It’s very difficult to find starting pitching, for sure,” Hoyer said. “But it’s also very difficult to find power bats. The demographic we ended up choosing is also difficult to find.”

The Cubs hope to sign Bryant by the July 12 deadline.

“We’d love to get him out playing and get his Cubs career started as early as possible,” Hoyer said of the infielder.

Fans eager to see the Cubs put a winning team on the field need to be patient.

“When the Cubs were trying to win in 2007 and ’08, the Pirates and the Brewers and the Reds were rebuilding,” Hoyer said. “All those guys they were building [with] at that time are now coming to fruition. … We know it’s cyclical, but those teams have built up nice cores. When it comes to the Reds and the Cardinals, those are really mature good teams right now, and the Pirates have obviously built a nice team and have a lot of good stuff coming. No one ever said our process was going to come without competition.”


All I will say about cubs drafting power is”Cunningham”! Give him an aluminum bar 400 hitter with power, wood bat and no one reading this probably knows who I am talking about. The game is still the same so please don’t give me stats, I think they should’ve taken pitcher, cuz before long everyone is going to think PEDS are ok anyways, or big Mac wouldn’t be coaching !!!

I do not buy everything Hoyer is selling. The Cardinals` success is not cyclical. They have good teams every season. How does Jed explain that away?

Just how patient does the arrogant Mr.Hoyer want me to be?
My dad took me to my first Wrigley Field game in 1947. Since then, I’ve been patient through the idiotcy of “The college of coaches”, the vastly over-rated management of Durocher, and uncounted “saviors” in the minors—Bob Speake, Felix Pie, Pat Tabler et al.
I’m running outta patience ,and I don’t need to hear the “brilliant” Mr. Hoyer beat his gums about how difficult his job is.

Where did Hoyer state the Cardinals success was cyclical? He mentions the Pirates, Reds and Brewers. Then states the Cardinals and Reds are good right now.

There have been many disappointments over the years, so you have waited since 1947 and you pick now to become impatient. You have been waiting longer than me, first game in 62 at age 8, but I have had the same disappointments. Not crying here, just enjoying what Hoyer and Epstein are doing.

Yep. The patience is referred to Hoyer’s and Epstein’s turn at the helm not the entire history. Hendry received patience etc. Now Hoyer and Epstein are at least acknowledging the need for patience and admitting this is a long term BUILDING process as opposed to Hendry’s WE’LL SING WHOEVER CAN GET US TO THE PLAYOFFS NO MATTER THE COST. To some this is a good philosphy right? What fan wouldn’t want the GM to spend as much of the owners’ money to get to the playoffs? Answer: ANY fan smart enough to know if the GM is grasping at straws as Hendry did most years (especially the Soriano year…) and is FOOLISHLY spending the money, creating more handciaps than victories….tsk, tsk, shame on THAT GM.

Granted, Hoyer did not apply the term “critical” to the Cards. I believe it was implied, however. Said the Cardinals are good now; I take that meaning to be there was a time in recent past when that was not the case. But that rival seems to be competitive every season, despite changes in personnel. Some believe a hockey series does not truly begin until one team loses on its home ice. This just got even more compelling.

That would be “cyclical,” not critical.

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