6/16 Cubs lineup

Even though Welington Castillo had caught all of Matt Garza’s previous starts, the Cubs pitcher said he wasn’t comfortable with the catcher in his last outing. No excuses Sunday. Dioner Navarro is behind the plate for Garza’s start vs. the Mets in the series finale. Here’s the lineup:

Valbuena 3B
Castro SS
Schierholtz RF
Soriano LF
Rizzo 1B
Navarro C
Sweeney CF
Barney 2B
Garza P


Wow, Schierholtz batting THIRD….Sveum must be reading this blog!!! HA.

Happy Father’sDay to all you Cubs who have little ones waiting for you in Chicago! Hard to be on the road when it is your day to be honored. Have a great game today. I am wondering what this thing between Garza and Castillo is. Do the pitchers get to choose who will catch for them?

Maybe White. In fact, maybe Soriano gets to choose to remain in the fourth slot over Sweeney or other options all the while his ba plummets, his RBI total remains less than adequate and his strike zone remains in the dirt. OK to move Castro, Barney, Schierholtz around….not the Teflon Tornado Sorinao, mmm, mmm….no sir. LEAVE HIM and his sub-average production ALONE, not risking rocking the 8 year boat (sinking fast) that he is in….

I agree. If you look in Webster’s for a definition of batting third, a picture of Billy Williams comes up. Schierholtz is more Williams-esque than anyone else we have. Put him in 3 hole and leave him there. Castro is more about getting on base than power, and he can execute a hit and run. He makes sense in the #2 hole. Barney is the perfect #8 hitter to help turn the lineup. I don’t understand why you would bat Valbuena lead-off over Sweeney if on-base percentage is so important. Still, I like the lineup (allowing for a day off for Castillo and Garza’s preference) and wish it would stay in place until it loses. We will have to see about Valbuena at the top of the order, but count on Schierholtz to do well batting third.

Always pleased to see Schierholtz`s name in lineup, as he`s only player on roster I truly have confidence in providing offense. Don`t forget there were those who were critical of his signing at time.

Yes, Schierholtz should be an everyday player in my opinion. His defense is excellent too. Am concerned about Castro – he looks like a wreck and is acting shaky and reckless. Should he get some days off to regroup? I hate to see a player fall apart from being overused.

WAKE UP CASTRO!!! Your errors are NOT helping. Now Garza is losing it and game is turning sour. GeeeeZ.

I’m having a nervous breakdown now! Between Castro and now Marmol I am now going to join Shirley Purrl under the sofa. Let me know when it is safe to come up for air. LOL

Why did Sveum put Marmol in for the save instead of Gregg? The cubs need stop being stupid and release Marmol! He has done nothing but giving up ball games! Sveum and Theo need cut him NOW!!!!!

John, we were told before game ever began that Gregg would not be available as he had worked in four straight games or so. That is legit. Please do not be critical of manager for that decision. However, for trusting Marmol in 9th with the lead, and considering his history, that is another matter.

Plus Castro needs go to triple AAA AND LEARN HOW TO PLAY DEFENSE! Wake up CASTRO!!! Plus learn how to hit and stop striking out on bad pitches!


I am totally in agreement that the release of Marmol is WAY overdue. The Cubs have time after time given him countless chances to prove himself and he has continued to disappoint.

3 WORDS; Release him NOW!!!!

Why can’t they send Marmol to the minors to work out whatever is the problem?

What is really sad is that NO ONE in management is going to listen to anything the fans say. We will be subjected to the injustice of Marmol over and over again. They seem to come up with one excuse after another to put him on the mound. April, May and into June and they are deaf and dumb to any constructive solution. How can we have any respect for such poor management?

I thought we were going to get a sweep but instead the game ended in the trash can.

I feel like the Cubs world has gone numb and silent tonight. Not only has Marmol swept us under the bus AGAIN but he has also rendered us helpless. Shame on Sveum, shame on management for allowing this to continue. Shame on Marmol for not just plain retiring due to loss of effectiveness. They are allowing Marmol to hold the entire team’s future in his inadequate glove.

Once again the Cubs have managed to blow whatever momentum they had. A win would have left them nine under 500 ball but instead back to eleven under. Losses like this are harder on us Cub fans. How many games has he blown so far? Marmol is done, time to move on.

Do you all recall before spring training began there was a legal issue involving Marmol in the Dominican or wherever he resides in off season? We were told there was the real possibility his arriving at ST could be delayed. I commented it was to our advantage that Marmol be detained for a long while, as it would force management to find a true closer instead of the imposter Marmol is. {You can look it up in the archives.} strr

Also in that identical time period of late April or early May, Sveum made the following comment after another Marmol meltdown: “Marmol has to pitch. ” I never got that or comprehended same and still do not. Is why this guy should not be our manager when we become good. As an intelligent poster here recently suggested, we should send the manager and his coaches back to Milwaukee where they came from.

I don’t understand that concept either jhosk. Why would he have to play if he can’t get the job done? If he does “have to play” then play him once a month. Or less! We have dealt with this “Marmol issue” for so long now one would think a solution could be found to keep him from demoralizing the entire Cub nation. – the fans, his teammates. How can one player be allowed to do that?

When are they ever going to figure out that they need to get rid of Marmol?

Marmol is Hendrys contract. This is his last year, yesterday proves there is no place for him on the team, yet he must be kept on the team or put on the DL, because no one will want him now.
Now jhosk told us all how it should have went down in ST, we should have listened and forced management to keep Marmol in the Dominican or where ever so we could have forced Sveum into finding another closer.
That way when Gregg was signed, the Cubs would have had a great closer in reserve.
Really jhosk?

The Gregg signing was a gift. Who could have seen that coming? There is always the option of eating Carlos`s contract and releasing him. Cubs` ownership has deep pockets. The philosophy should be “Do no harm.” Currently Marmol is violating that truth and Sveum is his enabler.

There are not TWO individuals in then entire organization that will better serve the Cubs’ FUTURE by replacing both Marmol and Soriano if released? Are we not better off ONCE AND FOR ALL finding out if Jackson can be a major league contributor by GIVING him center field and playing Sweeney in left? As well as GIVING a young pitcher that may be a fringe player ONE SHOT at the bullpen in Marmol’s place? A little over half the season left, plenty of time for a solid “trial” season for Jackson (or some other outfielder?). Keeping both Soriano and Marmol is now not only detrimental to winning a ballgame every now and then but they are now WASTED roster spots. Sveum’s stock is plummeting by his display of standing firm with Soriano playing regularly let alone in the clean up spot, that is NOT MANAGING.

I think Jackson needs to start the season over. Not only is he not doing well, but he came too Stewarts defense; calling him the best team mate ever.
Gregg signing and the way he has performed has been a huge bonus. I am afraid the Cubs will be stuck with him the rest of the season, along with Soriano.
Looking at AAA, Jackson is no where near ready with the bat or attitude. No starting Pitcher is standing out. Vitters was doing ok, then got hurt, AGAIN!!
I have to remind everyone the Cubs will not compete this year and we all knew it. But, giving games away does hurt. It might get them the 1st round draft Pick next year.

Then if not Jackson, let’s get another guy up here for the outfield but my God we need to cut ties with these two players and move on…..

I am very sure we will see neither next year joey, we will have to endure them much more of this season though, if not all of it.

Allright, allright….you are probably correct, the frustration got the best of me but just knowing Marmol CAN’T be here next year is somewhat encouraging. I’m still discouraged with the one remaining year of Soriano’s deal with the devil. Can you imagine him in left field YET AGAIN???
Yeeesh, a sobering thought considering there is NO interest from other teams….yet? (always hope).

A new day and I am still so angry about last night’s inexcusable loss! Just read in the Bleacher Report that after last night’s game there was a HUGE metallic noise of someone throwing something against the wall in the locker room. Our team is imploding! And why wouldn’t they? Busting their hearts out everyday for a win and having it RIPPED out from under them by Marmol. – time after time after time! And in this same Bleacher Report Sveum is talking about a “new role” for Marmol. Haven’t we heard that before? Having grown up on an island off the coast of Maine I have experienced fogs that could bring you to your knees looking for the ground. Sveum’s fog on this issue is even thicker!

Getting hard to tell what is more frustrating….Marmol still on the team or Sveum…. who said in today’s paper that the team has figured out Marmol has trouble getting the last 3 outs (duh)….but he does fine setting up. If he KNOWS that then why have him close AT ALL? Sveum tried to justify sending out Marmol because Gregg was not available (understandable) and Marmol has closing experience…AT BLOWING SAVES YOU BUFFOON! If Sveum KNOWS this about Marmol and Gregg is unavailable PICK ANOTHER VICTIM THAT HAS A BETTER CHANCE THAN MARMOL. You know, only managers like Sveum can turn baseball into rocket science and try to change the world. Marmol IS BAD, that is the only math needed to know.

Love that Squirrel Island fog metaphor, White, as it`s spot on!

You know about that fog in Maine don’t you jhosk! Oregon State gets their last chance today. Go Beavers!

Yes, White; will be rooting for them vs. Louisville, for sure.

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