6/17 Cardinals 5, Cubs 2

Travis Wood could only do so much. Once again, the Cubs wasted a solid outing by one of their starting pitchers as Yadier Molina hit a two-run double to lead the Cardinals to a 5-2 victory over Wood.

Shelby Miller picked up the victory in his first start against the Cubs, although he had to leave after five innings because of cramping in his right leg. He lasted long enough for the win in the game, which was started 1 hour 59 minutes late because of rain.

Wood notched his 13th quality start in 14 outings of the season, and did so against the team with the best record in baseball.

The lefty retired the first seven batters he faced before Pete Kozma doubled with one out in the third. Kozma was stranded, but the Cardinals came through in the fourth. Carlos Beltran and Matt Holliday both singled to open the fourth, and Beltran moved up on Allen Craig’s fly ball out. Molina drove both runners in with a double into the gap in right center.

The Cardinals added a run on an error by Anthony Rizzo in the seventh. Nate Schierholtz hit a RBI single in the eighth for Chicago, and Darwin Barney hit a solo homer with two outs in the ninth.


Hi Carrie,
Any thoughts on when we will see Steve Clevenger called up? We need some offensive sparks and Clevenger is healthy again and destroying AAA pitching.

So nice of Soriano to go o-4 in THE CLEAN UP SPOT. Nice decision Sveum, glad the FO has your back as stated in today’s SunTimes. Soriano must be on a mission to make Barney feel better as only .39 is what separates their BA. Will Soriano ever get the “Castro” treatment for HIS underachieving and be put down in the order or even benched? It is no longer arguable that Borbon and Sweeney are better alternatives to Soriano. Only Dejesus’s unfortunate injury is allowing Sweeney some regular playing time, nothing to do with Sveum’s managerial skills. If he had any stones/skills, Sweeney would have been playing regularly in LF because Sveum DECIDED to do so, instead an injury made the decision for Sweeney’s playing time.
Soriano needs to be relegated to the bench and Marmol to mop up duties. Wait, If forgot about Sorianon’s homerun in the ninth…ooops, that was BARNEY!! (that was for you Isabel!!)

Joey, Joey – Barney’s home run was for me! I told him “Dar, hit one for me” and he did! I know, dream on “old” lady!

White, my bad…uh…it was for you….!!!!!😉

Ya see white…zeroing in on the typos, not the substance, missing the point completely as with the two week paycheck nit-pickin’ toward Mamma. What a species this guy is….yeesh…. of course Barney’s homerun was meaningless that’s the point….Soriano isn’t even doing THAT anymore, leaving it to the diminutive Barney…but YOU White FIGURED THAT OUT, of course…being intuitive, intelligent etc. You know…EVOLVED.

.39?? thats .390……. lol ………… i believe you mean .039…………….. try using a calculator next time… i know stats aint your thing

also isn’t you that always says anything soriano does is meaningless??? Why does a homer in a 5-1 ballgame mean any more than soriano’s homers? Just curious because it pretty much shows the bias and grudge you have against soriano…. i don’t think anyone here has ever said Soriano is a great option in the 4 hole. The problem is we don’t have ANY great option or ANY option that is GREATER than soriano for our 4 hitter……

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