6/17 Marmol is still here, but won’t close

You won’t see Carlos Marmol closing for the Cubs any more. Manager Dale Sveum said Marmol, who blew a three-run lead in the ninth on Sunday against the Mets subbing for Kevin Gregg, will be back in his role as a late inning reliever.

“[Marmol] has pitched well in the seventh and eighth, and even pitched well in some tie games in the ninth and the 10th inning, too,” Sveum said Monday. “Obviously, he’s having difficulty with the last three outs and a save. We have our closer [in Gregg] when he has his rest. [Marmol] is back in the same role he was in.”

Sunday was Marmol’s first save opportunity since April 25, when he was successful against the Marlins. The right-hander began the season as the Cubs closer but lost that job after the first week of the season when he struggled against the Braves in the opening series. Gregg was not available on Sunday after pitching four straight days.

This is the last year of Marmol’s three-year contract with the Cubs, and he’s being paid $9.8 million. Releasing him is not an option, Sveum said.

“People don’t realize [closing] is not really his job any more,” Sveum said.

The Cubs manager knows his decision to stick with Marmol after Marlon Byrd’s leadoff homer in the ninth on Sunday wasn’t well received by fans.

“That’s people prerogative,” Sveum said. “I don’t really care what people think about me. That’s part of this job to be second-guessed. There’s nothing you can do about that. Players are put in positions to perform and if they don’t, the decision making will always be second-guessed. It doesn’t matter what the situation is. If I would’ve put somebody else in who has never closed a game before and they give it up, I’d be in the same boat [hearing criticism].”

Marmol was a successful closer for the Cubs in 2010 and 2011, totaling 38 and 34 saves, respectively. But in close and late situations this year, teams are batting .308 against the right-hander, and in other situations, they’re hitting .191.

“We know that those three outs are very, very difficult to get for some reason,” Sveum said.

Who will close for the Cubs when Gregg isn’t available? One option in the current series against the Cardinals is lefty James Russell.

“This is a team you could do it against because there’s no rhyme or reason to matchups or anything,” Sveum said. “They’re so good against both right-handers and left-handers that you go to maybe your most reliable guy. This is a time where you could use Russell because there’s no real matchups here.”

— Carrie Muskat


In Sunday`s game, someone asked why it was not prudent to leave Russell in the game for the 9th, thereby asking him to give us two innings. I absolutely agree with that. Two innings should not overtax any pitcher.

Of course he doesn’t care. the people he has to please are the “brilliant’ GM, the President of Baseball Operations, and Mr. Ricketts (who thinks $45 for a bleacher ticket is reasonable.)
Watch the increasing number of fans who will show up disguised as empty seats

Marmol is the seniority guy. Eight year cub. For me, it’s OK to pitch him, but with his terrible control you must have someone warming up. When he walks a guy with two run lead in ninth, get him out of there. Put in Rondon! He’s your rule five guy. I don’t like dales comment about not caring what people think about him. There are millions of cub fan around the world. Think about that dale!

True headline: Sveum is still here, but won’t manage

Man Marmol…I tried to believe in you because growing up you were the best of the best. The best closer we had! But now…I just don’t know…I hope it’s just a slump and you get better but I just hope you can do what you use to do.

Both Sveum/coaching staff and Marmol need to go…

Sveum better care what the fans think! They are buying the tickets that keep his pay checks coming in. The old adage “We learn from our mistakes” hasn’t sunk in yet. Keep putting Marmol out there. – 9 mistakes so far. – and see your empty stadium.

lol its funny you think they get a paycheck every two weeks…. lol

Talk about LOL Mamma, how about the sub-human focusing on your two week paycheck comment…as if THAT is the topic of discussion and the point you are making. Unbelievably immature, unfocused, juvenile, desperate and pathetic…but NOT….unexpected. Now THAT’S LOL!! (See White, remain calm, wait for it and he’s BOUND to give us all a chuckle….!!!)

Actually they do.

actually no they don’t

Joey – I am just trying to be on my good behavior which is VERY hard for me as I am a 77 year old feisty and snippy survivor. My husband says snippy is a good thing – bless his heart!

hey joey did you find your calculator yet??? or do you need another math lesson?

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