6/17 Sveum ejected in 7th

Cubs manager Dale Sveum was ejected from Monday’s game in the seventh inning after a close play at home plate. The Cardinals had runners at second and third with one out when Pete Kozma hit a grounder to third baseman Luis Valbuena, who threw to first. Kozma was safe, and first baseman Anthony Rizzo threw home, but his throw sailed over catcher Welington Castillo. Yadier Molina, the runner at third, broke for home. Castillo recovered the ball and threw to pitcher Travis Wood who was covering at home, and the throw appeared to be in time, but home plate umpire D.J. Reyburn ruled Molina was safe.

Sveum immediately sprinted from the dugout to argue the call. Third base umpire Fieldin Culbreth escorted Sveum back to the dugout. It’s the third time he’s been ejected this season.


Who cares? Sveum is losing credibility by the day and his run-ins with umpires and ejections are a contrived attempt at looking like he’s earning his pay. He’s not. The bloom is off the rose on this hire and I don’t see how Sveum can be the manager two or three years from now when the talent is on the field and the games MEAN SOMETHING. Prop up Bobby Cox or beg Sandberg to return…..

Are my eyes deceiving me or did Molina try to trip Wood as he was getting up after the play?

Please get us a NEW MANAGER who actually demands accountability…like a Terry Francona or a Bobby Cox. Time to clean house on the coaching staff.

first…dale has to sick up for players…second even Molina said he was out…third he tripped wood ntentionally

I wish our Cubs fans would understand Dale don’t care what we think. Another thing, we need to understand, the players are in it for the money, the all mighty dollar. It wasn’t like the days of old when the players had pride in themselves, the organization, and the fan base. These players are spoiled due to their contracts of money they sign for and we the fans are left flipping their salaries wheather they perform or don’t. They can sit on the DL and still get paid their money. There needs to be a change in the MLB about the whole situtation.

Oh, one more thing, not sticking up for Dale, but if I had to deal with what he (Dale) is dealing with to rebuild this team for the last two years, I would be thinking back in my mind my butt is on the line for my job. I am sure he knows that. I can’t blame Dale for this part. He is just a frustrated as we are. Umpires not making the right calls, players not perfoming to their potiental, and injuries. Please put the shoe on the other foot and walk in his shoes. The front office pull this strings to hire/fire players, not Dale.

ya and along the same lines since this team is so low on talent do we really expect Dale to somehow miraculously get us better? The manager can only do so much…

it is time that the umpires be held accountable as well as some of the cubs those that are in charge and the players that have not earn there big buck that they are being payed what happen to the player being fine for their action when will mlb stop let umps make those bone headed mistake with out with out fine if the player can be fine so should the umps

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