6/18 Cubs lineup

Anthony Rizzo is out of the Cubs lineup Tuesday in Game 2 of the four-game series versus the Cardinals. Rizzo is 3-for-14 on this road trip, and 0-for-10 in his last three games. He’s batting .241 overall, and that includes a .157 June. Cody Ransom takes over at first. Here’s the lineup:

Valbuena 3B
Castro SS
Schierholtz RF
Soriano LF
Sweeney CF
Ransom 1B
Castillo C
Barney 2B
Samardzija P


I am stunned. No Rizzo today. How come he gets a day off when not hitting and Castro doesn’t? Has Ransom played 1st much?

I think Ransom is pretty much the only option…..Clavenger anyone???
Rizzo is not immune to needing a day off, and he needs one for sure.

Oh look….Soriano is STILL batting 4. I guess Sveum is now playing the odds? I mean, maybe tonight Soriano will actually contribute??? He is overdue, hence the odds being in his favor. If the wind is right, a mistake pitch is made and the planets align….could be a good night for Sorry.

maybe barney will do something that matters

Maybe Petrey will say something that matters. Oh no, I forgot, it’s empty hearted, empty headed Petrey.

maybe white could think with her head sometimes instead of her blinded heart…. o wait….

Hey White…YOU HAVE HEART!!! (unlike somebody…)

Good morning. Thanks joey. I’m going to try not to tangle with “Mr. Know It All” today. He is the broken record of negativity. Beautiful morning in Oregon. Great game last night. Molina seems to enjoy smashing into our 2nd baseman just as he decked Wood at the plate the other night. Time to bring out the body armor?

Barney’s defense can be relied upon on a DAILY basis for mattering, unlike Soriano’s occasional RBI, base hit, or caught fly ball. Did anybody catch Jim’s TV comment regarding the fly ball Castro HUSTLED out to TRY to catch in left field but missed? He said something to the affect that it would have been good to see Soriano COME IN on that ball rather than the SS go out… Well, Jim is still new here, he isn’t aware of Soriano’s lack of instinct and lack of….skill. Or is he by that comment? Hmmmm….
BTW, the planets must have been aligned last night as Soriano did have an RBI double. Still being outperformed by Sweeney. Wonder if Sveum is taking note? Did somebody wake him up yet?

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