6/19 About last night …

Some notes from Tuesday’s win:

* Jeff Samardzija is the first Cubs pitcher to throw 8 1/3 innings or more against the Cardinals since Carlos Zambrano went nine innings on Sept. 18, 2005.

* Nate Schierholtz extended his hitting streak to a career-high 10 games with a double in the first.

* Ryan Sweeney and Cody Ransom hit back to back home runs in the first, the third time the Cubs have hit consecutive homers this season, and first since Scott Hairston and Ransom did so in April against the Padres.

* Ransom’s homer was his first off a right-handed pitcher this season. He also collected his 100th career RBIs.

* Kevin Gregg is 10-for-10 in save situations.


When are the Cubs going to get Jeff Samardzija signed up to an extended contract? Signing Rizzo was a smart move, signing Castro? The jury is still out on that one, someone needs to slip Starlin a couple of SMART PILLS. Isit true that someone locked Marmol in the Cubs bullpen restroom last night until the game was over?

Signing Rizzo SEEMS like a smart move but why isn’t the jury still out for him as it is for Castro? Rizzo too is having some really bad offensive issue of late just like Castro. Rizzo is Hoystein’s guy but he is not immune to skepticism…is he? I do agree I like Rizzo signed long term as I think he will figure things out but can just as easily say the same for Castro who may get his head on straight a little later in life.

Rizzo I think and hope will figure out what adjustments to Make, I like Castro, but keep hoping he’ll figure it out too, but he never seems to stop lunging at pitches. Don’t want the Cubs to give up on Castro by any means, I’m an old fart and old enough to remember in the mid 60’s when the Cubs and their stupid “College Of Coaches” gave up on a young player named Lou Brock, the rest as they say is history. Don’t say anything about “But yes, but Ernie Broligo was a good pitcher at the time” Seems every team in baseball with the exception of the Cubs, saw that Broligo was struggling at the end of the 1963 season. If Leo Doucher had been Cubs manager during the 63 and 64 season he would have straightened Brock out, and Brock would have been beautiful in the Cubs line up in 1967-1970.

you like the Rizzo signing more because of a year baseball in the majors and dont like Castro be of him “not figuring it out” even though this is the first slump he has had and already had a 200 hit season all while being younger than Rizzo……….. sorry bud but I am WAY WAY WAY more skeptical on Rizzo than I am Castro…. neither contract is going to hurt the cubs like the Soriano contract is and gives the Cubs plenty of ways to trade them if need be. But you got to remember the production needed at 1B is MUCH higher than the production needed of an average MLB shortstop…

Amen brother. My mind wanders some days wondering what Sandberg could do with these young TALENTED players instead of the out of nowhere, from Milwaukee Dale Sveum? The more I see of Sveume the more I question the hire.

…welcome to our world deleawarebill….

We must remember that the number on Castro’s back is 13 not 14. Rizzo #44 should not be expected to be a fellow named Jackson who also wore that number well in October. The kids are pressing and it shows. Since this team cannot contend this year; the kids have a chance to get it together without it hurting the team’s chances. I too would rather see Ryno managing than Dale. However, we have what we have and I don’t see anyone wanting Marmol or Soriano. DelawareBill described the Cubs frustration perfectly.

I like that comment by DelawareBill regarding Marmol being locked in restroom. Would like to see that in every close game where we need a reliever to succeed. You all can forget Sandberg agreeing to manage Cubs after being dissed by our ownership in past. He is manager-in-waiting for Phils. How many times do I need to state that? Castro and Rizzo still need to prove they can be above average mlb players and leaders, as we stated five weeks ago.

Stating It once is enough jhosk but just because I call for Sandberg’s return doesn’t mean I think it possible..it’s a dream, kind of goes hand in hand with EVERYTHING ELSE us beleaguered Cubs’ fans do whether it’s more wins, dumping Soriano, releasing Marmol etc. just another dream in the long list my friend.

No matter how many times it is stated, my opinion is Cubs Management did Sandberg a huge favor not hiring him.
Sandberg would have the same problems, same team, same bullpen that Sveum has now.
Then all of you who wanted Sandberg would be wanting him gone and his reputation as a Cub ICON would be tarnished.
If Sandberg was ever to manage the Cubs, it would be nice if he were hired with a chance to succeed, like two or three years from now.
Not put in the position Sveum accepted.

These are excellent points you make here, jasper. I could not agree more.

Those are valid points but that is what would separate managers. Two people given the same roster are still capable of making different DECISIONS regarding the use of the roster, the line up the amount of bench time etc. I am not saying Sandberg is a genius what I am saying is that I for one would have preferred Sandberg and his managing skills (and resume) over Sveum’s. Sandberg has proven himself in the Cubs’ minor league system, getting the best out of young players that may not have had great expectations….Sveum? Eh. For sure Sveum was handed a pile of dung but he still seems to be making status quo and or bad decisions especially since he KNOWS the dung of which he has inherited. Not enough bench time for Soriano, too many opportunities for Marmol, not enough rest for Castro. I’m not ready to run Sveum out of town, nor should he be thrown under the bus yet I wouldn’t miss him if he was gone,

Case in point regarding different managers making different decisions: We all know Soriano is underperforming as a run producer and deserves at least a little more bench time yet Sveum DECIDED to leave him in vs. Wainwritght instead of DECIDING to give him the night off. Soriano is something like 3 vor 30+ AB’s vs. Wainwright…maybe a good night to ride the pine? Ya think?
Another manager whether Sandberg or not may have had the smarts, stones and initiative to bench Soriano vs. Wainwright. Same roster managed by a smarter manager than Sveum may produce a few more victories. It took Sveum one blown save too many to realize this about Marmol the other night….one victory lost, and it appears he is slow to learn regarding Soriano’s deficiencies as well as Castro’s need for a night/day off as well. This ain’t managing folks, looks more like guessing. If the roster won’t be championship caliber for a few years the more need for a championship caliber MANAGER during the interim.

Am still a novice,mamma,but am trying to learn about the game on the fly for this series.

Am still a novice,mamma,but am trying to learn about the game on the fly for this series.

Am still a novice, mamma. Am trying to learn game on the game on the fly for this series especially.

Am still a novice, mamma. Am trying to learn game on the game on the fly for this series especially.

Am still a novice, mamma. Am trying to learn game on the game on the fly for this series especially.

Am stii a novice, mamma. Am trying to learn the game on the fly for this series especially. Reading and observing all I can in crash course style.

I apologize for all these repetitions.

Am sober, believe it or not.The site never confirmed the messages were registering. How about the five goals scored in second period tonight!This game is out of character for both teams, but we needed a change of pace.

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