6/20 Cardinals 6, Cubs 1

Scott Feldman had never faced the Cardinals before Thursday, and after spending three days watching from the dugout, he discovered what everyone else already has: These guys are really good. Matt Holliday hit a tiebreaking RBI single and a solo home run to back Lance Lynn and lift the Cardinals to a 6-1 victory over Feldman and the sputtering Cubs, who dropped to 9-24 against the National League Central.

Feldman had to battle, and served up six hits over 5 1/3 innings, which was all the Cardinals needed. He dropped to 0-4 with a 6.65 ERA against NL Central teams.

“I knew going in that they had a good lineup and obviously, [Yadier Molina] is swinging the bat about as good as anybody I’ve ever seen right now,” Feldman said. “You’ve got to make your pitches and at the same time, be aggressive. I think you’ve got to tip your cap tonight. They did a great job and just beat me.”

Lynn did his homework, too. Chicago managed two hits in Wednesday’s 4-1 loss, and mustered three off Lynn over six innings as the right-hander picked up his 10th win to join teammate Adam Wainwright and Washington’s Jordan Zimmermann on top of the NL leaderboard.

“Coming here, we knew it was going to be tough to score runs and obviously, it was,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. “We didn’t swing the bats at all. We only had five hits today, so seven hits in two days ain’t going to win too many ballgames, no matter how good your pitching is. Our starting pitching was pretty good in all four games against the best offense in baseball. We never really put any threats together. Today we weren’t too aggressive.”

After the Cardinals took a 1-0 lead on David Freese’s run-scoring groundout in the second, Welington Castillo tied the game with a leadoff home run in the third, his first since April 8. But the Cubs missed an opportunity in the fifth when they loaded the bases with two outs, and Lynn got Castro to pop up to Molina in foul territory.

“[Castro] is a guy who doesn’t scare from those situations,” Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said. “Getting the pop up was a big out for us.”

“I just tried to go see one pitch, and I hit it,” Castro said of the at-bat. “That team, they have pretty good pitching. [Lynn’s] fastball is a little bit sneaky, and I tried to get on top and it didn’t happen.”

The Cubs shortstop finished the seven-game road trip 4-for-30, and he’s now batting .232 for the season. A year ago, he was batting .300.

“He’s not the Lone Ranger in all this,” Sveum said about Castro. “There isn’t a whole lot of hitting going on.”

Alfonso Soriano went 2-for-29 on the trip, while Anthony Rizzo was 5-for-21, and the Cubs completed the trip, 3-4.

— Carrie Muskat


The Cubs season ended with the Sunday loss to the Mets. A team can only come bach from so many of those types of games. That’s why coaching is such a big part of the game. Putting Marmol in that position is just so crushing to your momentum when he fails.

You know it is not that Dale has had to choose between the lesser of two evils, so to speak, it is the fact that he does not put the team in a position to have the best chance to win. When Marmol lost the D-backs game, he came into a tie game in the eight. This is a man who has been shaky all year who is coming into the game, and Dale had no one up to bring in if trouble started.
WHY? That type of stuff blows my mind. If you are trying to win games how can you not be ready to bring in another arm if Marmol goes Marmol again… The Mets game is just a replay.

0 for 14 for the top 4 hitters… ouch!…..

Looking pretty grim! Time for some major moves. Bench Soriano, Castro and Rizzo to give them time to find their bats. Play Sweeney in LF, Borbon in CF, Valbuena at SS, Ransom at 3rd and bring Clevenger up for 1st. He will be off DL tomorrow.

Bold moves White. THAT would send a signal, especially to the kid-glove treated Soriano. The TALENTED players that we do have (mostly pitchers) can use a break from the INADEQUATE players (ring leader: Soriano) that Sveum trots out on a daily basis. Funny isn’t it White how a team can have BOTH talented and inadequate players at the same time??? It must be a difficult concept for sub-human, low intelligence, vile, petrey-dish spawned life forms to grasp….

way to twist your words…. i don’t think im the low intelligence in here when you guys wanna bench everyone and go with players that should be in AAA on a good team… bc benching players really allows them to relax and get their swing back…. a day off or two maybe but a benching is pretty dramatic and just not going to happen plain and simple… if you pea brains can’t figure that out then…. welll……….

Well good morning Petrey. “Pea Brain” from Oregon checking in to see if you’ve got all your peas in one pod today. Benching makes sense to me when nothing else has worked. Just a suggestion from one pea brain to another.

Hey White, do you think benching can be subjective to the manager’s discretion? Gee, what a concept. (again, could be a little hard for the weak minded to understand) A manager can bench a player for one inning, one game or multiple games. It does not need to be a dramatic end of career or dramatic disciplinary action as some novices may think (if in fact they actually DO think..ya think??) it’s still a benching and can be a tool used by thoughtful managers that do not cower in the face of big contract veterans or highly touted youngsters. Plus, some managers may not bench players in order to get their swing back, some managers may bench a player because they are bad/not performing……BENCH EM! (Shirley Purl would!!)

Joey – Well I didn’t think that benching a player for a determined length of time (manager’s discretion) meant “end of career” either. Just time to figure out what the heck is going wrong with their swing or whatever. As a matter of fact Shirley Purrl knows when it is time to bench (sofa) me when I have to rest due to my MS. She gets in my arms, purrs and won’t budge until she thinks I can manage to walk straight again. LOL

ur not pea brain… just senile… i understand

Watch out Petrey – Shirley Purrl can smell a rat a mile away. Result – Purée of Rat.

o no…

Where are the “wunderkind” minor league signees?? The “brilliant” front office promised an overhauled player development system. May I suggest they hire the entire Minnesota Twin development staff. They do more positive player development with very limited resources.

They are coming Darrell, this we should allow Epstein some slack with. But your suggestion of hiring the MN development staff makes more sense than shopping in Millwaukee!!

umm the cubs have 4 prospects in the top 30-40 range in all of baseball…….. and none of them are past AA yet….. thats pretty freaking good… idk what there is to complain about there. This has all been done since Theo’s hiring so its going well. You got to give it time as Hendry’s picks are the ones in AAA and most of the AA team is hendry picks…

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