6/20 Marmol: “I’ve been through this”

Carlos Marmol has not pitched in the Cubs’ three games since he blew a three-run lead in the ninth against the Mets on Sunday, which resulted in a 4-3 loss to New York.

“I feel great,” Marmol said Thursday. “I’m waiting for the opportunity to pitch. We’ll see.”

This season, Dale Sveum has tried to get Marmol back in a game the day after he has a rough outing. Not this time.

“We’ve got a lot of guys in the bullpen,” Sveum said of the Cubs, who have been carrying eight relievers since Saturday when outfielder David DeJesus was put on the disabled list. “The other times, I did want to get him back on the mound. [Sunday’s game] to me, wasn’t like some of the other outings. He just got hit [on Sunday] more than imploding and throwing balls all over the place.”

Marmol, who has walked 21 and given up 25 hits over 26 2/3 innings, has been working on the side with bullpen coach Lester Strode, who has been with the right-hander since he signed with the Cubs in 1999.

“I’ve been through this,” Marmol said of the tough outing. “I’m working out, talking to Lester. He knows me better than anybody here. We’ll see.”

In the seven games when Marmol has pitched with zero days rest, he’s posted a 1.35 ERA, and is 2-0. Those numbers change dramatically when he pitches on one-day rest. In those 11 games on one-day rest, Marmol is 0-4 with a 15.26 ERA.

“I love to pitch,” Marmol said. “I can’t make that decision, though. I have to wait for my opportunity.”

Said Sveum: “It’s not a priority [to get him back in a game] or anything.”

— Carrie Muskat


Marmol says “I’ve been through this”. Well Marmol what do you think your fans and your teammates have been through? Do you not understand the chaos you have caused this season? I blame Sveum mostly for putting you in a closing situation over and over again when you should not have been. You seem to be a very fine young man but please just put your glove and the ball down for now. I for one am running out of meds, chocolate and Kleenex for any more pitching disasters.

I don’t think that he was Sveum is to blame. Yes I agree with you, that Marmol has been the reason that we’ve lost these games that we could have won…but I think Sveum is just trying to believe that he is the same pitcher we had years ago. With one of the best arms that would go to the mound and do his signature move with the “look at the ball and bring it to the glove” haha. Remember that move? I loved it! But you can’t blame Sveum. He is just trying to see if Marmol still has it in him. He’s lingering on that hope because Camp and Gregg are good but not GREAT. And I think he’s just looking for someone GREAT to secure our wins. Get me? Don’t take it the wrong way or anything. Im not disagreeing with you but it’s just what I think🙂

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