6/21 Cubs lineup

The Cubs open a brief homestand Friday against the Astros, and it’s not the Astros of the past, but the new American League version. The Cubs are 6-2 this year against American League teams. Here’s the lineup, and note that Dioner Navarro is behind the plate for Matt Garza. Dale Sveum said the reason is because Welington Castillo had caught four days in a row, and it was a tough turnaround to play a day game after a night game.

Barney 2B
Ransom 3B
Soriano LF
Rizzo 1B
Castro SS
Navarro C
Hairston RF
Sweeney CF
Garza P


What a song and dance from Sveum…Garza COINCEDENTALLY gets his man Navarro. Sveum could have started Navarro yesterday and played Castillo today to show Garza who’s boss but you have to have stones to be a boss as evidenced by both Castro and Soriano not getting the benching the TEAM needs them to hand. This guy may have taken the online course: “How To Spinelessly Manage A Baseball Team” By: Mike Quade. We fans are still looking for that accountability….nowhere in sight.

why is it a crime for a pitcher to get the catcher he wants??? If he pitches better to Navarro doesn’t that put the team in better position to win?

ESPN’s Buster Olney has spoken to rival evaluators who have said that the Cubs are “open for business” and ready to sell (ESPN Insider required and recommended).


Two bottom feeders meeting today at the Friendly Confines. Saw only a fraction of last night`s contest due to the hoops Final which was far more compelling. I did observe when Castro came to the dish with bases full in the fourth inning or so. He needed to deliver in that situation and failed miserably once again. Am more and more concerned about this dude. Baez or some other shortstop who is not even on the radar at the moment may be our ss of the future, and Starlin may become an afterthought. Rizzo had better get his act together as well. Here are two core pieces we thought we had at beginning of the season who are justifiably attracting scrutiny due to their underachieving.

Am far more concerned about Castro than Rizzo getting back on track, jhosk. Rizzo has the focus and attention span to be able to correct whatever issues he has at the plate. Castro, on the other hand, seems unable to maintain focus both at the plate and on the field and I don’t see him turning out to be what was expected when given his huge contract. We are told that it is his age and that he will outgrow his lack of focus. I think not.

But Castro has two very good ML years under his belt, he must have done some correcting in the past as usually ML pitchers figure a hitter out in his second year. Rizzo has no ML acheivments that match Castro’s as of yet so giving Rizzo too much benefit of the doubt is risky. They BOTH are in the same boat. Anybody allowing their average to drop below .250 may not be capable to correct the problem…they may be (oh the thought!!) a below .250 hitter. Hoystein is more than likely very nervous right about now regarding HIS two contracts. Hey White, did you know that
ESPN’s Buster Olney has spoken to rival evaluators who have said that the Cubs are “open for business” and ready to sell (ESPN Insider required and recommended).??? Just wondering, you know, in case it was not obvious… (Like I said White, hilarious getting to him like this…)

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