6/21 Lillibridge to Yankees

The Cubs dealt utility infielder Brent Lillibridge to the Yankees on Friday for a player to be named later or cash considerations. Lillibridge was batting .281 in 48 games at Triple-A Iowa. He opened the season with the Cubs, but went 1-for-24 in nine games, and was sent to the Minor League team.
The versatile Lillibridge, 29, was batting .317 this month. He’s played all infield positions plus the outfield, and has spent time with the White Sox, Cubs, Indians, Braves, and Red Sox. He signed as a free agent with the Cubs in January.


Wow…1 for 24…he qualifies for the Cubs’ starting SS job… KIDDING PEOPLE!!! (and sub-people)

The Yankees are getting a “great ” player. Do you all recall back in April when Barney was indisposed due to that deep knee gash he sustained in the last meaningless STcontest? Lillibridge substituted for Barney in several games in early April, and at one point Barney said Lillibridge was a “great” player. Today or yesterday Smardz said the Cubs were a “great” team. These players need to curb their proclivity to employ hyperbole, I suggest, as neither of those is true; Lillibridge is not great nor is the current edition of the Cubs. Do you all follow myself?

I follow yourself jhosk.

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