6/24 Extra bases

* The Cubs announced they have signed four more Draft picks on Monday. Left-handed pitcher Sam Wilson, an eighth-round pick who played at Lamar Community College, signed as did catcher Jordan Hankins of Austin Peay, an 11th round pick, and 13th round selection Trevor Graham, a right-handed pitcher who played at Franklin Pierce University. Also signing was 15th-round pick Michael Wagner, a right-handed pitcher who was No. 1 pick Kris Bryant’s teammate at San Diego.

* Right-handed pitcher P.J. Francescon has been promoted from Class A Daytona to Double-A Tennessee, and Smokies outfielder Jae-Hoon Ha has been promoted to Triple-A Iowa. Francescon, 24, was 5-4 record with a 4.76 ERA with Daytona. In 14 appearances (13 starts), he gave up 40 runs (37 earned) on 75 hits, walked 21 and struck out 62. He was a 40th round pick in the 2011 Draft.

Ha, 22, hit .284 with five doubles, a home run and 14 RBIs in 28 games for the Smokies. Following a 42-day (May 7-June 18) stint on the disabled list, Ha appeared in the Smokies first three games of the second half and batted 2-for-13 with a run scored and a RBI.

* Maybe the Cubs should consider a move to the American League? They’re 8-3 this season in Interleague play.

* Anthony Rizzo has hit safely in four of his last five games (7-for-16, .438), and scored a career-high four runs on Sunday. He also had his first multi-RBI game since June 5, driving in four runs.

* The Cubs have hit 52 home runs at Wrigley Field, most home homers in the National League. On Sunday, they set season-highs in runs scored (14) and hits (16).


How many teams have signed their 1st round Draft pick? Whats taking the Cubs so long to do so?

No matter how many of their choices the Cubs sign, if they don’t sign Bryant then it isn’t worth a bucket of spit.

BLACKHAWKS! BLACKHAWKS WIN! Are you all there in one piece, Mamma Mia? No broken chairs? Dog survived? Wife survived? Okay then – talk tomorrow. LOL

Marmol DFA

you are correct my friend!!!!!! WOW!!!!! Never thought I would see the day…. its a good move and needed to be done… props to the Cubs

You have a friend? That`s shocking. Congrats to Blackhawks. Two goals in 17 seconds time? I`ve never seen that prior, but I am not exactly a hockey afficienado.

Long overdue, glad it’s done!

They gave him more than enough chances. Stewart also was released. Great day, I dont care if Marmol saves 70 games for whoever next year, I am glad he is taking off the Cub uniform.🙂

I read on Fox website: The Cubs also selected the contract of outfielder Brian Bogusevic from Triple-A Iowa. Anybody hear this too? Better to give this guy some ML ab’s than round two with Sappelt, no? Brian did not have a stellar career with the Astros but THIS minor league season he is producing. How about Bogusevic in LF, Sweeney in CF and Schierholtz in RF for a sustained period of time? What’s at risk? Soriano’s feelings? Ha! Maybe Marmol can console him should HE get DFA’d. I’ll keep dreaming cause I know Soriano will continue to be placated by Sveum….

yes joey Bogusevic was brought up today. I also agree that Sappelt needs to stay down for regular at bats.

jhosk…I feel bad for lbrewer….

Don’t feel bad, I agree a lot with what petrey says and disagree with a lot he says. It’s the same with everyone on here.

Did Carrie get released also? No lineup, no Minor Matters, no news from her on Marmol & Stewart’s release. As of 2:36 anyway.

Sorry for delay. I was in transit from Chicago to Milwaukee when everything happened. Can’t text and drive at same time.

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