6/25 Brewers 9, Cubs 3

Rickie Weeks belted a two-run homer, a solo shot, and and RBI double, and Juan Francisco added a solo homer to power the Brewers to a 9-3 victory over Edwin Jackson and the Cubs Tuesday night. Jackson served up six runs over 4 2/3 innings, his third outing in the last 10 in which he failed to finish the fifth.

Francisco got things started with his home run with one out in the second off a 3-1 pitch. But Jackson singled to open the third, and one out later, Darwin Barney singled to set up Nate Schierholtz’s home run, his 11th, and go-ahead 3-1.

Francisco walked to lead off the fifth and scored on Weeks’ double. One out later, Francisco scored on Caleb Gindl’s single, his first Major League RBI, to tie the game at 3. Gindl moved up on Kyle Lohse’s sacrifice, Norichika Aoki then walked and Segura hit a go-ahead RBI double. It was Segura’s 100th hit of the season, most in the National League.

Lucroy followed with a two-run single to open a 6-3 lead, and chase Jackson. Weeks belted a two-run home run off Hector Rondon in the sixth, and added a solo shot off Shawn Camp in the eighth.

The Cubs went 1-for-10 with RISP.


Easy victory for the Braunless Brew Crew.

Let’s face some bad tasting facts. This ballclub has problems winning on the road, and if you check the schedule, they have more road than home games the rest of this season. 90+ losses is likely. Is that progress? The “brilliant” front office has decided to eat a few million in salary (Marmol & Stewart.) How E. Jackson at 13 mil per year helps this club is beyond me.
Considering the quality of the product, ticket prices are an outrage. I think it’s just another generation of snake oil salesmen.

I faced the facts when the rebuilding process began. The Cub will not compete until SEP of next year. This will be a very bad year, we all knew it.
It will get worse before it gets better, no sense in getting upset Darrell.

That is not the company line. They point to ‘the future’ and tell you how great it’s going to be. The sound is similar to any number of salesman I have encountered.
They ask for patience. My father died 33 years ago—he’d bled Addison blue since Riggs Stevenson & Hack Wilson played outfield. That’s four owners ago. They all sell the same snake oil.

I agree Jasper, this awful team should come as no surprise (not saying you are surprised Darell, just disappointed? Frustrated?) but to not realize the over-all organization has improved with the goal of the ML team becoming competitive within a few years (from now). The Marmol DFA is on Hendry’s watch, bad contract. The Stewart DFA is the only blatant mistake the new regime has made to date (Jury on Jackson, Castro and Rizzo is still out…) and in no way can I say Hoystein is selling the same snake oil as Hendry or McFail. It’s about time the Hendry philosophy of bandaging the ML roster with has been free agents is retired and the building of the minor league system is utilized which is evident. September of next year may be pushing the time table a little jasper but at least some significant changes will come by then such as an entire new outfield???

So are you unhappy because your father passed 33 years ago or that the Cubs are rebuilding? If your that unhappy being a Cubs fan, pick another team. The Braves or Mets might need you, I really doubt the Cubs do with your current attitude.

that could be said for many on this blog….

Joey & Petrey, I really believe this will be the worst year of the process. I am not saying the Cubs will win next year, I am saying and stated it before the season started that this will be a very bad year.
The Cubs are sitting at 31 & 44. What happens when they trade Garza or especially Feldman? There goes those quality starts the rest of the year. Who gets called up to get them through the rest of the year? Raley & Rusin? The only two with ML experience and will do their best until prospects start to emerge? Then look at your starters, it will get worse, I think.
Now say Soriano gets traded or DeJeseus for prospects. You have Hairston, Scherholtz, Sweeny, Bogusevic, Borbon. If a couple them get traded for depth on a playoff team, who is their replacement? Sappelt or Jackson? It gets worse.
If they trade Russell or Gregg, who replaces them? Coleman & Takahashi? It gets worse.
Hendry left the Minors so depleted, there is no ready replacements at AAA. Very few at AA.
Its possible after the trade dead line, the Cubs will be competing for the #1 Draft Pick next year with the worst record in Baseball.

well i don’t think the cubs will have the #1 pick next year…. MAYBE the #2 but most likely 3 or 4… and thats because I just can’t see this FO making THAT many trades in the next month… its pretty hard to do and with how tight this FO is (which isn’t a terrible thing) its just hard to pull the trigger that many times

jasper, again total agreement with you. You did state however that the Cubs would compete September of next year…they MAY but I am just saying that is more than likely a little too optimistic on your part but acknowledge it COULD happen especially with a change in payroll allowing some free agent additions.

I think the Cubs have had quality FA signings under Hoyer. Dejesus has done his job the last two years, he was signed for OBP and has provided that. Maholms was successful and brought two prospects. We will see on Baker, Scherholtz has had a awesome season. Navarro was a savy signing as back up catcher. We will see on Bogusvic, Villanueva filled a void very well when Garza went was hurt. Feldman has been awesome. Hairston, not so much yet.

Yes, so far a good track record with middle of the road FA’s. Hairston’s is somewhat disappointing and yet he, in very limited play has managed to almost equal the very much played Soriano’s HR total…yikes, tells a lot about Soriano’s value or lack thereof.

Joey with all due respect as a fellow chatter, I just dont see anything positive coming out of discussing Soriano. I may feel the same as you, I may have a different opinion. All I want to say is, he puts on the Cub uniform, I wish him the best. Maybe I can say what I feel once he takes off the Cub uniform.

I appreciate your respect very much jasper and understand your point. Even dismissing my dislike for Soriano’s play (NOT Soriano himself, that would be inappropriate as I do not know him and can only surmise by what I read/hear he is a very nice person) is he not subject to the same type of maneuvering as other under-performing players such as Castro? And are we not at the point in the season that the continual “waiting” for Soriano to show up, warm up etc is just a little unjustified? He’s a Cub, I get it and I hope for his success in order to help win a game, THAT is not happening especially in the 3 and 4 holes. Time to at least move him down the order at least if not give him more days off. I do not think that is unreasonable for a capable MANAGER to do.
We do not have a lot of alternatives for the 3 hole but considering how poorly Soriano’s run production is (for a clean up hitter that is….), how poor his AB’s are and his obvious decline we do have one or two options. Tweaking the batting order seems to be Sveum’s whimsy so he should do so…WITH SORIANO. When you think of it what positive can come from US discussing ANY player? The FO and Sveum do not heed our opinions. Discussing Soriano is just part of THE BLOG as is discussing any player any commentator chooses. It keeps Carrie’s blog going for sure! Adds some humor and debate (i.e your comment) I suppose that alone is positive.

Folks, as much as I appreciate all the comments and your passion for the Cubs, can we drop the personal attacks? Let’s stick to the subject. I may have to do some deleting/editing if it continues. Thanks

Thank you, Carrie. A good reminder to all of us. Mia Culpa! I will try to be a politer, nicer blogger. We all get pretty heated about our Cub’s. Shirley Purrl also promises to be a good kitty and keep her claws sheathed. Again, thanks for the reminder to be civil.

years??? really?? LOL wow…. where do you dream of this stuff? You were the one saying you were going to find me and everything… if anything that seems pretty twisted and sick. You notice hwo I am not the one freaking out over someone calling me out… but when I call you out on your lies you start attacking and freaking out…. now who’s the crazy?

If one traces back far enough one will discover that the true origin of all things negative arrived with the foul and vile language let alone disrespect for others by HWSRN and NONE OTHER. We others have been civil with our words to each other except for HWSRN and his insults, cursing and BAITING has taken it’s toll on a GOOD commentator, Mammamia. The culprit is obvious and it is a long time coming for his denial to this site but should it be deemed by Carrie that others should be banned including myself then so be it. I will not stand idly by and let Mammamia take any un-do heat for the sick ravings of a mean spirited individual. At least this comment is free from vile language and yet gets a point across. Notice the many different opinions between the rest of us…all CLEAN and respectful. Introduce HWSRN and it gets beyond nasty. I could go on but realizing this may be my last post (if banned) I will leave with a fond farewell to Mamma, White, Isabel, Jasper, Jhosk, Belgian (where have you been Belgian??) and the many others that I am unfortunately forgetting (so sorry!). Remove HWSRN and witness the blog’s positive
reaction. You went a little too far with some choice of words today Mamma but it is easy to understand what prompted them, HWSRN’s attacks can bring out the worst in good people. If we write again my friend, we write again. If not, God bless.

Mamma Mia, We all have your back! I love you and your interesting and informative input on this blog. And your great sense of humor and your love for the Cubs. And your civil and polite responses even when we disagree. We sometimes forget our promise to ignore rudeness and personal attacks – just want you to know you are the best.

P.S. That goes for joey, jhosk, jasper, Isabel and others – the best fans and friends.

Thanks White, and you’re welcome! I will be here as long as Carrie allows. The point Mamma brings to the fore regarding the foul and vile word HWSRN called me in another topic is the case in point and more than warrants his denial from commenting. His language is offensive to all but you, ISABEL and Carrie being the fairer gender deserve better. HWSRN obviously has no scruples when it comes to language. Call this what you will but call THIS comment an attack on HWSRN??? I don’ think so Carrie.

I was attacked a couple times by a respected poster for no reason other than not sticking up for someone he thought I should stick up for. LMAO
Other than today, over this stupidity,when have I discussed anything other than Cubs??
If the poster I am speaking of has any morals, ethics or honor, I should get an apology. If not, it might be assumed his defensive mode might have kicked in for good reason.

Jasper, I can’t argue your point, just hope that Mamma does indeed see that he went too far re you and may very well offer you an apology thus reminding us all that we can choose to be civil and avoid offensive and vulgar language. You, after all have never stooped as low as using foul language yet get your difference of opinions stated nicely and respectfully, never offensively. My hats off to you sir.

That was very nice joey and the respect is mutual.

I think the comment was lacking but may have implied the question if Darrell was unhappy that is father died WITHOUT SEEING A CUBS WS?? That is how I took it. Either way everybody save HWSRN deserves to be cut some slack on this site when it comes to writing/typing as we are not professional writers (anybody??). Plus the fact that Jasper is not HWSRN and does not rely on inappropriate language says a lot. Mamma, we are all (most) at odds with HWSRN and with that said I am pulling for your well being and peace of mind. Jasper is not the issue here and certainly resides on the side of civility as we all do but for HWSRN. Have a peaceful night Mamma, whether he responds to his LF start or not let’s enjoy Brian’s Cubs debut with open heart and mind shall we? Go Mamma! Go Cubs! (OF COURSE for Isabel…….GO BARNEY!!!) (Doh! AND White!!)

Thank you. Bogusevic is playing today….finally some CUBS news!!🙂

I can see where you might get the idea I know posters on here, but I dont. White?? Man or Woman, I had no idea until today. Why? I dont read the personal threads, I dont give out personal info. Why, I just want to talk Cubs.
I dont read Blackhawk posts. Why? I could care less. Same with the Bears, Bulls, I am all about Cubs baseball.
I mind my own business, I let people fight their own fights. Why? Its not my business.
I will give you one piece of personal info Mr mamma mia only because you mention Military, 26 years here, retired 9 years.
This site is about Cubs for me, I am not getting involved in peoples arguments, should they be man, woman, child, alian or zombie.
As far as Darrell goes, are you fighting his fight too? Maybe you can change your ID to Batman, he was a crusader also.

If we ever meet, I hope its to discuss the Cubs. Would there be another reason?

Golly wilikers, it’s gonna be an interesting ice cream social at the close of this season.

Well, common ground guys. Very buildable. Thank you both for your service to OUR country. Without men like you we may not be splitting hairs on a Cubs blog during an abysmal Cubs season. God bless.

What a day! Wow – we are having a “let’s get it off our chests day”. Very interesting that you can learn a lot about people when ” venting” occurs. I learned that jasper is interested ONLY in Cub’s talk, that Mamma Mia has a heart of gold and will go to any length to defend others when needed, that Carrie is about to dump the lot of us for being naughty, that Joey is the peace keeper – let’s see, who have I missed? Well you get my point. What you know about me is that I want to know everything about each of you ( that you are willing to share) – it is interesting to know where you come from, etc. and how you happen to be a Cub’s fan. You are all welcome to come share a ” special ” brownie with Shirley Purrl and me! Catnip if preferred. LOL

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