6/25 Carlos Marmol gone

The Cubs designated Carlos Marmol for assignment, and selected the contract of outfielder Brian Bogusevic. Marmol, 30, lost his job as the closer after the first week of the season, and was 2-4 with two saves and a 5.86 ERA in 31 relief appearances this season. The game that may have decided his fate was June 16 in New York when he blew a three-run lead in the ninth in a 4-3 loss to the Mets.

“I feel great,” Marmol said last Thursday. “I’m waiting for the opportunity to pitch. We’ll see.”

He did get in a game in the eighth that day against the Cardinals, and retired the first two Cardinals batters before Pete Kozma reached on an infield single. Pinch-hitter Ty Wigginton then lined out to Marmol to end the inning. It was efficient, which is how Marmol had been in four outings prior to the June 16 implosion.

— Carrie Muskat


Couldn’t trade him….no value, no interest, no takers. This may be a preview of how Soriano ends his cubs career…

Housecleaning – its obvious Marmol’s trade value is null. We’ll see more DFA’s I’m sure, and I’m sure Gregg is destined for greener pastures. It’ll actually be a competitive trade market this year, driven by the NL West. Will we see Castro packaged soon? He’s not heeding the advice of his coaches.

castro is not going anywhere……

A player puts on a Cub uniform, he is part of my team, I root for him. They take off the uniform, there is nothing else they can do for my team. I appreciate Marmols good years, but after the last year and half, today is a great day.

Good Bye, good luck, my finger nails will grow not seeing you warming up in the bullpen.

I wish Marmol all the best in his future endeavors. That being said I can cut down on my meds, Shirley Purrl can limit her catnip intake, and I can look forward to the last innings of a game instead of watching Marmol warm up in the bullpen with dread. It was and is time to let him move on.

What will you do with all the extra catnip? Brownies……???

Anybody wondering when the genius Sveum will remove Sorano from the 4 or 3 slot in the order? Ransom has more homers, Hairston, Valbuena, Navarro, DeJesus all have 6 to Soriano’s underperforming 7 yet Soriano remains entrenched in the 4 or 3 slot…..this has gone beyond “courtesy” for Soriano’s ego, it’s just a poor decision on Sveum’s part and is hurting the team’s already little chance of winning a ballgame. Any one of the “6 homer” guys might very well have more RBI than Soriano’s 30 if GIVEN the 3/4 slot in the order. Will Hoystein need to take THIS decision away from the MANAGER too as he did with Marmol? Can anyone imagine Soriano being DFA’d?? Oh boy…. Moreland was commenting on Soriano’s “diminishing skills” during last night’s game. If Moreland is commenting on that…it’s getting bad yet evidently not OBVIOUS enough for the dense/stubborn Svuem??

Bye. So long to those great days!

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