6/25 Castro gets a breather

Dale Sveum decided it was time to give Starlin Castro a breather, and the shortstop did not start in Tuesday’s game against the Brewers. It was his first day off this year, and first day off since Aug. 22, 2011. Castro was batting .228 for the season, and .131 in June.

“I think sometimes you end up looking in somebody’s eyes to see when [the time is right],” said Sveum, who has been considering the move for a few weeks. “I don’t like to give any core players a day off at home. … When people pay a lot of money to see their favorite player, you don’t want to do that at home.”

The Cubs had Monday off, and Tuesday was the start of a three-city, nine-game swing.

Sveum said he felt Castro needed a mental break.

“I told him to think about tomorrow as a whole [new] season and not try to hit .300 tomorrow,” Sveum said. “It’s not going to happen. You can’t get four hits every at-bat and think you’re going to get your average back up there. There’s plenty of time left in the season to hit .330 and you can finish at .290 or .300.

“I told him you’re not the first really, really good hitter to be in these kind of slumps,” he said. “It’s part of everyone’s career.”

— Carrie Muskat


Castro needs a longer breather! Ransom is showing him how it is done at SS. Makes the plays look easy compared to Castro acting like he made the play of the century.

Hey White, let’s give Soriano a breather too!!! Ha!! Brian B. can play LF for a while…or Ransom, or Borbon or…..

It is not just his hitting woes which are concerning. Is his defense also. 14 errors? Isn`t it one of highest totals in bigs?

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