6/25 Garage sale?

The Trade Deadline is July 31, and the Cubs are open for business. GM Jed Hoyer said he and Theo Epstein have talked to every other general manager in the last four, five days about possible deals.

“The phone calls ramp up this time of year,” Hoyer said Tuesday. “In some ways, it’s an invigorating time of year because there is a lot of action going on and a lot of things going on.”

One National League scout at Miller Park joked that he saw the “garage sale” sign and wanted to see what was available. Matt Garza and Scott Feldman will likely draw the most interest from teams looking for starting pitchers. Feldman starts Wednesday, Garza on Thursday. Expect more scouts at Miller Park for those days.

“He’s a big part of this team right now, and throwing the ball well,” Hoyer said of Garza. “I’m happy for Matt that he feels as good as he does about how he’s pitching, and how he’s feeling. We’re not going to discuss whether we’re talking about an extension or trade.”

— Carrie Muskat


Go ahead sell the whole farm for “assets” which will not even bother to want to be here anyways…thank you both Theo and Jed for ruining the Cubs.

They aren’t trading the farm.. They are revamping the farm. I’m not trying to be rude but what you said makes me believe you don’t know much about baseball.. When your a team that’s not making the playoffs. You sell your guys that are on their last year’s of their contracts so you can get some prospects for the future so you at least get something in return for those players.

Exactly. Trading the ML roster to STOCK THE FARM. Occubsfan has it backwards. BTW…nice name!!

Woluld love to see Matt Garza here long term

I’ve barely seen the guy here at all. 3 years, and he’s been injured half the time.

I can see I’ve made a mistake by coming here. It appears to be populated by commentors who who desperately the mental health care option of Obamacare.

I feel the opposite, cant wait until his injuries and his need for a personal catcher are gone. However he is still a Cub, so he is one off the guys. I do feel that should have never been public, Sveum caused that drama, let Navarro catch him, whats the big deal?.

In fact if I was Hoyer and Samardizja dont want to sign a contract, I would be listening to offers on him as well. Need a SS, Lets talk Castro. Barney, Gregg, Feldman, Soriano, Navarro, DeJesus, I am listening.
Only two Cubs would be safe at the trade deadline, Thats Wood and Rizzo. Rizzo, because he might be going through that sophmore jinx veterans talk about. Other than those two, I would be listening.

I agree completely with you jasper especially about your Sveum “drama” comment. Also, nobody should speculate that Samardizja won’t sign because of the money, the Cubs may very well offer him $18 mil and he STILL may not WANT to sign and play for THIS team. You make a good point regarding Samardizja’s possibly being traded….

agreed but there’s a point where its not financially beneficial… pitching is expensive and i am fine with giving him good money but I don’t believe he is a 18+mill a year pitcher… I would like around 15mill a year for both sides… we got to face the facts that pitching is SO SO expensive… and we have nothing in our system that can replace garza… NOTHING… but what we do have is some good payroll space… use it on pitching…

lol i got one thank you very much… probably paying for you to live with my tax dollars… you’re welcome… NEXT!!!

Our front office is building us a team that will actually compete for the world series EVERY year. I wish some people would understand that and begin seeing the forest through the trees.

There is a young outfielder in AA I think the Cubs should be interested in. He’s hitting .301 with an OBP of .371. He has scored 42 runs and driven in 34, ranking him 1st and 2nd on his team in the 2 categories. He has drawn 29 walks and stolen 17 bases. Who is he? Matt Szczur, he’s playing for the Cubs AA affiliate in Tennessee.

and Mat in time Szczur will be up here but do you honestly think he is ready to make the jump to the ML team??? I sure as heck don’t…….. the only one in the minors I believe at this point could produce in the MLB is Junior Lake… he needs the promotion and I believe we will see him after the trade deadline.

LOL what does that matter?? seriously??? Because you know his face does that make you a better fan than me?? I can read his numbers and the name on the back of his jersey… just the same as you would you pathological liar….. or otherwise known as CATFISH

Actually, I want him moved to AAA. He needs to get his feet wet at the next level to the tune of around 150 at bats and then maybe, if he’s still got an OBP around .360 give him a September callup.

Nice opinion you have there regarding Szczur Mat, evidently you DO think he’s ready for the ML roster, especially compared to the current outfield we have. Quite a few players are promoted to the bigs from AA ball as well as AAA…even Junior Lake may be promoted soon after the garage sale. Nice post.

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also love to see some fresh names in here talking BASEBALL!!!!! Stay in touch… maybe we can keep the crazies under control……

Anybody think Bogusevic will get any decent playing time with the Cubs? I can’t see Sveum being too interested in sitting Soriano just to give Bogusevic some AB’s. Sweeney and Schierholtz are playing too well to sit. Appears to be an abundance of left handed outfielders…..maybe a trade is comeing…???

getting rid of all these players leaves NOTHING to build around…DDJ is great in CF..and we need to leave pitching alone (aside from bullpen) and barney and castro and playing well together for the most part

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