6/26 Alcantara, Soler named to Futures Game

Arismendy Alcantara and Jorge Soler were named to the World Team for the 15th annual SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, to be played July 14 at Citi Field. The game features the top Minor League prospects, and will begin at 2:00 p.m. 1 p.m. CT and can be viewed live on ESPN2, ESPN2 HD and MLB.com.

For the first time, fans will determine the final player on both the U.S. and World Team rosters by casting their votes in the All-Star Sunday Futures Finalists (#FuturesFinalists) ballot, available exclusively on MLB.com/futuresfinalists and the Club sites. Fans may begin voting immediately and cast their ballots until Sunday at 10:59 p.m. CT.

Cubs top prospect Javier Baez is among the candidates for the final spot on the World Team. You can vote for the shortstop, who is playing for Class A Daytona. #VoteBaez

In addition to voting on the web, fans also may use their mobile phones to cast votes via text message. To receive the All-Star Sunday Futures Finalists ballot, text the word “VOTE” to 89269. Individual player votes may be cast directly via text by sending a player’s code to 89269. For example, Text “w1” to vote for Baez. All votes are final.


Always nice to see prospects doing this well, keep it up guys and hope to see you soon.

I am really hoping Baez is the exception to the rule and we see him at Wrigley sooner than usual. Him and Almora, who I’ve seen mas the ball!!

The Cubs have many very good prospects in A ball after 1.5 years of Epstein and Hoyer. Carrie mentioned a Pitcher named Underwood today, look at his first two starts. Pierce Johnson is another to watch, he started out slow, but has come on strong.
I am really excited starting 2015 and seeing some samples next SEP.

Joey and others, do you ever look under the window, Cubs Roster on the Cubs MLB home page? You will find another link thats lists the Minor League farm clubs. Anyway, I like looking at the stats, to see how the prospects are doing. Last years Draft picks are doing pretty well.

I do look there occasionally Jasper, I am keeping track of Almora ever since I’ve seen him play a few times in person. He looks good, can’t wait to see our outfield of the future in a few years!!

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