6/26 Extra bases

* Alfonso Soriano did not start Wednesday, and will likely be the Cubs designated hitter when they play six Interleague games in American League West ballparks, starting Friday in Seattle. Brian Bogusevic, called up from Triple-A Iowa on Tuesday, started in left field Wednesday against the Brewers, and will do so against the Mariners and Athletics, manager Dale Sveum said.

“You want to keep that bat going, and you don’t want him to sit too long,” Sveum said of Bogusevic, who was batting .319 with 14 doubles, three triples, 10 home runs, 32 RBIs and 16 stolen bases with Iowa.

* The Cubs have yet to sign their first-round pick, third baseman Kris Bryant, but Sveum is eager to see the infielder play as soon as possible. Of course, fans want to know how quick Bryant will be in the Major Leagues.

“You can’t put a timetable on kids like that getting to the big leagues,” Sveum said. “Hopefully, everything goes well and you get those kind of players with that kind of power and leverage in their swing, you want to get them here early but you don’t want to do anything to wreck his development either.”

The Cubs are counting on the young prospects in their system to take the team to a World Championship. That’s a lot of pressure.

“You hope people don’t get too anxious,” Sveum said, “and say, ‘Man, there’s openings here, there’s openings there. Man, I’ve got to do this to get to the big leagues soon.’ You try to do too much and can wreck your own development.”

* Class A Daytona outfielder Jorge Soler was to be examined in Chicago. He’s been sidelined with a sore left shin, injured when he fouled a ball off his leg. Soler went on the seven-day disabled list, which ended on Saturday, and has yet to play. He was to see the Cubs medical staff this week.

— Carrie Muskat


Carrie, what is the correct pronunciation of Brian Bogusevic’s name? I’ve heard it Bo-GOO- se-vic, Bo-GOO-se-vich, Bo-goo-SEV-ich. How does HE pronounce it?

This is the best I can do: boh-goo-SEH-vich


Jen, I checked with Brian, and you are correct. Thank you

Thanks, again, to both of you, Carrie and Jen!

Thanks, Jen. You’re probably right. I call him “Brian”

Thank you both! The accent on the 3rd syllable, and not on the 2nd, is the important factor, I think. I’m surprised, though, if no one connected with the Cubs, has asked Brian how HE pronounces his name. It sounds to me like a Russian name and I think there must be rules regarding the pronunciation of Russian names. However the name is pronounced, lets hope he gives the Cubs a lift. I’ve been a Cubs fan since the mid-1930s, so I’m running out of time!

Well Bryce, at least you seen them in a WS in 1945. Thats pretty cool.

Well, I didn’t SEE them, but I HEARD them over the radio. I grew up in southern WI about 100 miles from Chicago. When I was a High Schooler I usually got to see one or two games each year.

Sounds like some great memories. My first game was in Milwaukee 1961, a doubleheader against the Pirates. My first game, I saw, Hank Aaron, Warren Spahn, Roberto Clemente, Eddie Mathews, Bill Mazeroski. Pretty awesome memory. Billy Martin and Joe Torre were also on the Braves Roster, but dont know if they played that day.

Yeah, the memories are treasured. My favorite player was long time 1st Baseman, Phil Cavarretta, along with catcher/manager Gabby Hartnett… but they were ALL favorites!

Another site reporting that Cubs Management and Bryants Agent Boras are not even close to a signing. They also state if Bryant does sign, it will be closer to the July 15 deadline. He could also choose to go back to school his last year.

It’s normal for the agent to say the two sides are far apart. That’s posturing and part of the fun of negotiations. I guarantee you will hear it again before the July 12 deadline. I expect Bryant and the Cubs to reach an agreement

Bryant wouldn’t gain much by going back to school…. He got the 2nd overall pick this year which is around 6.7 mill…. if he goes back to school he could only move to the 1st pick with money probably in the area of 7.2 mill give or take some… and thats if he doesn’t have an injury or down year…. this is the same thing Appel did because he went from a 3 mill offer to whatever he got this year whihc I believe was around 5-6million…. Bryant would be taking on HUGE HUGE amount of risk returning to school.. i expect him to sign in the 6.2mill area….. and jasper I hope you don’t take this as bashing bc I am just discussing the possibilities and what I have researched/read

Appreciate the info petrey and thats the only way I take it.

Carrie, that would be nice. I am sure we will all hear it again. How many other teams have signed their #1 pick?

I will have an update on Soler today

well the doctors on here were incorrect once again… stress fracture for Soler…. out 4-6 weeks…

could be entire season because stress fractures are a pain in the neck to heal…. could be a reoccuring/lingering injury…. bummer… pushes his advancement through the system back

ANOTHER inflammatory comment by HWSRN. After all that went on yesterday….completely un called for. Who doesn’t recognize this?

did someone say something?? hmmm musta just been a gnat

The “doctors” on this blog were just speculating, not diagnosing. Geez.

Don’t worry joey – We doctors are all going to ignore any negative remarks from yesterday to forever. I respect Carrie for reminding us to be civil and that is what we need to be. Someone is just trying to stoke the fire and we can all just ignore FOREVER. Soler heading for Mesa so Mamma Mia can keep us informed.

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