6/26 Post-game notes

* The Cubs have 247 extra-base hits, second most in the NL behind the Rockies.

* Cubs pitchers have 46 quality starts, fourth-most in the NL.

* Scott Feldman picked up his 500th career strikeout when he fanned Jonathan Lucroy in the third. Nine of his 12 starts have been quality starts.

* Kevin Gregg is now 12-for-12 in save opportunities.

* Anthony Rizzo had a double, a single, a walk and two RBIs. This year, 36 of his 72 hits have gone for extra bases, and his 22 doubles rank among the NL leaders.


There are and have been some positives. Mama, you are spot on with the other side of the coin. RISP usually means RIP for base runners. Defense at short, left field and behind the plate are not good. Team speed is not a highlight reel either. Another good insight from Arizona. Thanks.

Agreed Jim, Mamma knows his stuff.


I agree and disagree. Before a manager can call a Hit & Run, he has to have the right player at bat. mamma mia mentions several problems, addressing the defense, Sveum only can put on the field what he has to work with.
Adressing SAC FLYs, Sveum cannot put a sign out there for a SAC FLY, that is up to the hitter to select the right Pitch.
The timely bunting I agree with. The Cubs do not bunt enough, it brings in the infield, increasing a chance for a hit. Castros average is way down from his first year, why? His first year he bunted for a few hits, the infield had to play him in for that reason, giving him a better chance of getting the ball by them for hits in other At Bats.
The Cubs miss the ball to much for a hit & run or a Suicide squeeze.
The Cubs are not good yet! I must remind you all, if Sandberg was manager, he would have this same team!
Sveum has made mistakes, so has Hoyer and Epstein, even losing, it is my opinion the Organization as a whole, is much better off than it was a year and a half ago.

Agreed, the organization as a whole is much better than a year ago and has more promise than a year ago. I disagree with the Sandberg comment however as if HE were manager he may have the very same roster but a much different TEAM. It would be SANDBERG’S TEAM playing the way SANDBERG instructs HIS players to play not to mention the POSSIBILITY of the SAME roster playing more capably FOR Sandberg. I am not saying the roster is intentionally playing less capable for Sveum but I believe it is understood in baseball that players respond differently for different managers/LEARDERS. So I must take it upon myself to remind you all that rosters and TEAMS are not one and the same….a manager may make THAT notable difference by his style of managing. We might have seen more of the missing bunts as you mentioned for example or more of the hit and run employed as not ALL Cubs miss the ball too much (Soriano FOR SURE) yet the few that do make good contact are not called upon by Sveum (often enough in my opinion) for a hit and run. We are an “actionless” team and it has to as much with Sveum if not more than the players. Dejesus & Barney make contact for sure and Schierholtz, Valbuena and Rizzo are capable contact hitters. Sveum concedes that certain plays can’t be done….and thereby nothing gest done. Making the opposing team’s defense think is not Sveum’s forte. No sir.

Joey, on Soriano, I will not put him down while he is a member of the team. No judgement on your remarks, they are yours.
On Sandberg as manager, I was not in favor of him being hired at the time, I am not in favor of him being hired now.
On Sveum, he has made mistakes, but I give him tons of credit for accpeting this position. It is a very bad job, with pressure from media, fans, front office, probably all 2nd guessing every decision he makes, probably even when uses the latrine, especially during losing seasons. This team stinks. I say team, not to point out individuals.
Sveum has a very high profile position and only gets credit when his team loses, in other words, no credit for anything good or positive. We all think we know Baseball and could manage a team. I know I do, however, I would have never accepted this job when Sveum did. I am not rich, but no amount of money is worth the stress that man has accepted.
This is a very bad team, it my team, but they are very bad.

Jasper, evidently not on the same page then as I would LOVE to see LF opened up as well as the pipe line for replacements whether from our own organization or another via trade or FA. Sandberg is irrelevant as he is nowhere near being considered, I made my point due to you mentioning Sandberg in the first place. I for one think a difference could have been made with this roster based solely on a manager’s decisions of who to play, when to play them, when to sit them and what plays to utilize. Sveum I believe has not capitalized on his authority TO MANAGE.


Mamma brings up an EXCELLENT point regarding the emphasis on bunting hence the much ballyhooed bunt “tournament” to try to fool us sheep into believing Sveum had his nose to the grindstone stressing fundamentals…..Campana is gone and so went the art of bunting. So much for Sveum’s brilliant strategy. I give no credit to Sveum for ACCEPTING job as a ML manager with a ML manager’s salary, stress or no stress. ACCEPTING the job was a no brainer….just ask Quade… We lost quite a handful of one run games in which some if not most if not all could have been helped with some late inning speed. Instead we are now watching our ball club relying on their hitting prowess with RISP to deliver victories and it’s quite evident unless they come through (as Rizzo did last night) they are doomed as strategy from Sveum is not a viable option.

I know Carrie recently reported some positive stats and I am all for that. Very nice to view.
The Cubs have not hit with RISP, they have trouble advancing runners, they have struck out 562 times compared to 196 walks. They are 17th out of 30 in Runs scored. They have 41 SB’s, not alot of speed.
The youngsters you mention may be young to you & I, but I think they are 28 & 29??
The worst part is, they are batting 240 as a team, 24th in baseball.
Of course there is no reason to mention the Bullpen.
They are getting better with Sweeny & Bogusevic. The bullpen is better with Parker and a real Closer.
The players that are doing well have a good chance of being moved for prospects, should that happen, the Cubs get worse.
Its all good though, I am looking forward to SEP 2014 when we start seeing some of the talent acquired.

Not being mean, not being irritable, but I think it would be comical as heck to see Joey, mamma or myself trying to manage the Cubs just one week. Would love to see the video of the press conferences after those games. lol

And not taken as such. Awesome Jasper, comical of course…poorly managed? No. The press conferences would be the most transparent and honest in the team’s history as I for one would not make excuses for my decisions (such as removing Soriano from the middle of the batting order for starters) nor would I sugar coat any player’s poor performance. My motto would be “The best player for the position is on the field, I don’t care how many millions of dollars the owners are paying the bench warmers”.

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