6/27 Cubs lineup

The Cubs and Brewers square off in the rubber game of their three-game series on Thursday at Miller Park. Matt Garza gets the start, and yes, he’s matched up with catcher Dioner Navarro. Brian Bogusevic will make his second straight start in left field for the Cubs. He was 2-for-4 on Wednesday, but on base four times, reaching on an error, walk and two singles. He also stole a base. Dale Sveum has said Alfonso Soriano will be the DH in the Cubs’ upcoming games at AL West ballparks.

Here’s the lineup:

Valbuena 3B
Castro SS
Schierholtz RF
Sweeney CF
Rizzo 1B
Bogusevic LF
Navarro C
Barney 2B
Garza P

* The Cubs will try to win their first series at Miller Park since taking two of three from the Brewers, Sept. 10-12, 2010.


Bogusevic had a great start. Welcome Brian.

Ditto White!

Hi Carrie,

I will be at the game versus the Angels on July 10. Would you happen to know how to, or be willing to help me, arrange a 15-30 second congratulations video message from the players to a groom and bride. They are both huge baseball fans and this would set the tone for my best man speech!

Thanks for your time and consideration.

that would be pretty awesome! GL

I notice once again Soriano is not in the line-up? Hopefully something is going on, Soriano could use a change of scenery. Maybe a team competing for a playoff spot would bring him and his bat back to life.

i agree… its either trade him by this deadline or wait out the contract… maybe a couple days off will get him going when we start playing AL teams and he DH’s… Bogusevic played well

That is a nice way of putting things Jasper. Let’s hope for the best for all parties. Could be Sveum is manning up and giving him the over due days off to coincide with being the DH soon?
Wouldn’t it be ironic if the next time we see Soriano take the field it will be as a DH for one of the west coast teams we are about to face?

It seems to me and I could be very wrong, that Management waits too long to pull the trigger on trades. I understand there is tons of investigating players. Scouting, IT (films & such), players background, then meetings on who you want, from what team, best trade match ups. Then the finances, must be a nightmare.
Last year trying to get the best deal for Garza, and he gets injured. The Dempster fiasco. The Marmol trade to the Angels that fell through. Then keeping Marmol, Now what with him? I am not questioning Management, just my thoughts but,
Is the next 6 games a show & tell if Soriano can DH and be happy in that position? If so, is this a good gamble? Should he be traded to a team that needs a DH and let them figure out if he will be successful and happy at DH?

YES, he should.

I put that out there now Joey, should Soriano not do well, it would devalue his worth a little more. Also, I cannot be accused of 2nd guessing.
Should he go on a hot streak increasing his value, then I am just wrong!! I am sure it wont be the last time and certainly not the first time.

I think we’re on the same page Jasper? I say roll the dice and risk losing a hot streak for Soriano and trade him ASAP for whoever is offered as the odds of Soriano NOT getting any better are good odds and him experiencing a hot streak are not so good odds. I can’t be alone (can I?) when watching Soriano THROUGH JUNE thinking that his decline has set in and ALL the opposing pitchers have him figured out as nothing more than a chance hitter so they throw him junk which he still chases, misses or flys out on. If he were to become a full time DH it may help him concentrate on just his hitting, maybe a lighter bat (again…), watching film, let the defense go etc….

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