6/27 Ty Wright promoted

Outfielder Ty Wright was promoted from Double-A Tennessee to Triple-A Iowa. Wright was batting .253 in 53 games after being placed on Tennessee’s roster on April 22. The right-handed outfielder collected 40 hits, eight doubles, three home runs and 19 RBIs. Wright started the 2013 season with the I-Cubs, where he hit .190 (8-for-42) with a pair of doubles and three RBIs. The Tyler, Texas native was selected by the Cubs in the seventh round of the 2007 draft.


VERY happy for Ty. Hope he can keep moving on up.

Are they not paying any attention to what Matt Szczur is doing?

I agree, I think Szczur needs to get a look. (although nowadays AAA is sort of the waste land for has-beens, and minor leaguers that can’s quite cut it) I’d still like to see Szczur get credit for what he’s doing this season. It should boost his confidence up a little bit at the least. But, the jump from AA to MLB seems to be becoming easier for players, and I’ve heard a lot that AA stats are some of the best predictors for how a player’s numbers will translate to the majors

I agree with your take on AA ball to the majors briney but Szcur needs to be seriously considered for a look in Wrigley. It’s just a look, not handing him the keys to the castle. We get to see Bogusevic, Borbon (look at HIS average!) etc. why not Szcurz while the opportunity is there? We got a look at Sappelt…what made HIM so much better for the majors than Szcurz? With Schierholtz being shopped, Soriano unable to hide his decline even from the un-observant Sveum and DeJesus injured we may very well see an outfield of Bogusevic, Szcurz and Sweeney after the trade deadline. I’ll take that outfield as a bridge to 2015.

Just a different opinion, but last year two guys were brought up too early, I think. Both back in AAA and both hurt. One not doing much of anything when he was playing. My way of thinking, there is no rush.
The Cubs front office is just trying to get by until they can bring up some talent, thats the reason for Hairston, Bogusvic, Sweeny, DeJesus, Valbuena, Jackson, they do need to win some games to sell tickets while at the same time focus on rebuild.
The guys above will not be part of the contending team in 2015.

If the “guys above” (but I am referring to only Szcuzr in this case to be fair) will not be a part of the contending 2015 team then there is no need to be concerned about rushing them and all the more reason Szcuzr should be given a shot now just in case he SURPRISES everybody and makes an impact before the 2015 contending roster is assembled. Jasper, who werer the guys brought up from AA last year? I’m drawing a blank. I remember Vitters and Jackson but were they not promoted from AAA? Neither of those two will be a part of the 2015 contending team (very doubtful anyway) and they were brought up for a HARMLESS ML evaluation. And it’s a good thing we found about them when we did so we can count on others from now on. Szcuz deserves a shot as much as Borbon, Bugosevic and SAPPELT (FOR SURE!!).

I completely agree. Szczur has proven he’s deserving of a shot to me. He’s getting on base at at .371 clip and stealing bags, his OPS is up at .764 now, I don’t know what more to ask from a center fielder. But most importantly, in my opinion, he proved that he can make adjustments and deal with adversity after his rough start at AA last year, which is a great sign.

There is no reason in the world to rush Szczur. NONE! Maybe a couple at bats in SEP??
Thats the reason Epstein & Hoyer are running the team. THANK GOD.

Jasper I agree Jackson could’ve stayed down in AAA, but in reality, the call up wasn’t out of hand. Vitters, on the other hand posted a .304/.356/.513 slash line (albeit in the PCL). He did everything that was asked of him, and earned that call up last year, it wasn’t too early for him. Historically he’s struggled in his first taste at a new level. I think Vitters still has a chance to be a pretty good major leaguer

“Rushing” is in the eye of the GM/beholder. Jasper, was Szczur “rushed” to AAA? I think not and if he were to come up to the ML prior to his “couple of at bats” in September I would not consider that being rushed nor do I think Vitters was rushed (as briney states) after all Vitters has been around the system rather long. If the young players show enough STUFF to warrant a call up for a team in dire need of a spark (Centerfield is begging for somebody despite Dejesus and Sweeney fielding well they more than likely are not the long term answer for CF) and if a player has Szcurs’s stats I think that justifies a call up with little risk of RUINING his career. If anybody is being rushed do you, Jasper not think Wright has been rushed from AA to AAA considering only a .253 average, THREE homeruns, NINETEEN runs batted in??? Evidently somebody thought highly enough of him to promote him despite lack luster credentials….Szcurz has better numbers, where is he to go next and why not right after the trade deadline when all likely hood Schierholtz and hopefully Soriano will be gone? Are we concerned about Borbon’s roster spot? Do you think the NINETEEN YEAR OLD Castro was rushed? Funny because if so it took him TWO YEARS to hit a snag whereas Vitters snagged immediately yet still has some hope back in the minors. Szcur deserves the same shot Vitters, Castro, Sappelt and Jackson were given. Briney has it right.

BTW Jasper, were who were the two call ups from last year you referred to? AA ball? Or were they Vitters and Jackson both of whom bombed in the ML but were from AAA not AA, right?

Vitters and Jackson both came from AAA, I’m not sure any AA players were called up, Jaye Chapman split 2012 between AA and AAA. I may be wrong, but I don’t recall anyone coming up from AA in September

Actually I think Chapman only made one AA appearance, then moved up

Sometimes trying to talk baseball to a person who already has there mind made up and only see things their way, not open minded enough to even try to view other options, is not even worth it.

Especially if your goal is to change their mind as opposed to just offering another opinion as I and briney dis so with our comments. A statement such as: There is no reason in the world to rush Szczur. NONE! (with the exclaimation point and the capitalized “NONE”) certainly would imply whoever said it does indeed have their mind made up without consideration for another option such as a Szcuzr promotion. Of course there MAY be at least one reason in the world to bring up Szcuzr and not considered it rushing him, such as his stats or the actual need for an outfielder on the major league team. Agreed however that one must have an open mind to see such. As I do because I understand how some would think a Sczurz promotion would be rushing him just as some see the Wright promotion and the Castro promotion as rushed. I am not of that OPINION but there certainly is some validity to contrasting opinions. I’m sure my comment has not changed anybody’s opinion regarding this topic, nor should it nor was it my intent. Definatlye WORTH commenting about however….because this is WHY THE BLOG IS HERE…WELL WORTH IT.

i agree with you jasper… why start Szczur’s clock before it has to??? Just do a couple fans can actually see the guy play??? Does that benefit the Cubs down the road when they are trying to compete? Just seems like some fans are bored and need to see a young guy up here now so they have something to watch… granted this season is a loss and we suck but why woudl to jeopardize control of a possible good young prospect sooner? It does nothing for you and COULD put you in a pickle down the road. I like Szczur… have for awhile… two sport athlete like Shark and I really think he can contribute down the road but I am happy with letting him tear up the minors and get his experience down there. Does Szczur need a promotion? Sure I think AAA is calling his name. And AAA is not a waste land…. it just seems that way because all of our good talent is young… the talent will eventually get to AAA… just be patient..

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