6/29 Sweeney injured

Cubs outfielder Ryan Sweeney had to leave Saturday’s game after the third inning because he injured his ribs crashing into the center field wall. Sweeney was hurt when he hit the wall to catch Kendrys Morales’ fly ball for the second out in the third inning, and suffered left rib soreness. The Cubs expected to know more about the severity of the injury after Sweeney was examined.

Julio Borbon took over in center in the fourth for Sweeney, who has gotten the majority of playing time since David DeJesus sprained his right shoulder colliding with the center field wall at Citi Field June 14. DeJesus is on the 15-day disabled list.

— Carrie Muskat


Julo Borbon…he’s no Szcuzr but he does sport an awesome .200 ba. Hmmmm maybe he was rushed to the majors by Texas?? Gotta be careful abut rushing guys….

Yep bring up Szcuzr, even after Epstein and Hoyer have stated they would like to see a player get at least a year in AAA. Lets see if he can come up and tear up the league like Trout, or fail like Jackson. Go back to the minors confidence ruined and maybe see him again, maybe not.
I mean after all, Epstein and Hoyer are getting paid millions, because the fans are much smarter.
I am sure when szcuzr is ready, he will get the call.

NOW you get it Jasper! Good man! 🙂

This is a revolting development. Sweeney has been solid. We are cursed, I do believe. We lost one centerfielder to injury and now his replacement. That`s not fair. Is good thing we are not a serious contender, or you would see me really p.o.`d. Trust me, you do not want to see that.

When the Cubs start contending, sounds like things might get really interesting.

Really? Who would have thought THAT? Going out on a limb with that one.

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