6/30 Cubs lineup

Valbuena 3B
Castro SS
Schierholtz RF
Soriano LF
Rizzo 1B
Navarro DH
Bogusevic CF
Barney 2B
Castillo C

E. Jackson P


So once again the outfield is being depleted and Sori has to step back in rather than just DH for a few games. Sweeney has to be horrified at what has happened when he had the chance to play every day. Not a rosy day in Cubbieville. Hoping for a fun game today in spite of unfortunate circumstances. So hot out here my chocolates are melting and Shirley Purrl is under the sofa pouting.

CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! Great game guys. Thank you for giving us something to be happy about on this HOT MISERABLE DAY? I was ready to scream when Sveum just let Camp almost lose it for us but it is even too hot to scream! The offense was super. Oakland next and we can hope the heat will be less by then.

Yes, White. and Barney made an outstanding defensive play in the ninth on a ball hit by Ibanez. I was listening on Sirius/XM radio and was receiving the Seattle feed. The Mariners broadcaster was working alone; i.e. he did not have a partner. Do not know his identity, but he raved about Darwin`s stop there, and also added that Barney made numerous excellent defensive plays throughout the series.

I saw the whole game jhosk. The play Barney made in the 9th was a possible game saver. I think he did have a great series and a lot of the players did as well. Very sorry that Sweeney has been injured. He had been doing very well and is probably heart broken to have to be out of the game for a while. I think Camp needs to not be in the bullpen. It is so hot I am probably repeating myself.

Well, if anythng good is coming from Soriano playing the outfield it’s that he is putting on a clinic on how to avoid the DL…..don’t make the tough plays, avoid the injury and at the same time reduce the chance of making an error. Although he did make a nice running catch in foul territory today, just about surprised everybody. I hope he keeps it up he has been playing well of late.

Can someone please tell me why there are so many just plain mean bloggers? I read posts on another site and no matter what, even when we win a game and many great plays have been made, the posts rip players up one side and down the other. As an example, on one site tonight someone posted that Barney is not good enough to even be in the MLB. It makes me so sad to think that with all the good work he has done for this team that he isn’t even worthy of a “job well done”. After today’s game in which he excelled ( in my lowly opinion) I ponder whether or not it is worth trying to support our guys or to spur them on with positive input. I also realize that I too have been too hard in my opinions (Marmol for one) and that nothing good comes with negativity. Okay – I’m done wondering and venting but when I read that about Barney tonight I kinda lost it. Eamus Catuli

That has been my point of late. It seems Cub fans are incapable of finding the positive. Perfect example is above on Soriano. The Mariners announcers gave Soriano the MVP of this series.

Human nature to dwell on the negative? Especially since the negative is so prevalent on our Cubs team? I am guilty as charged White regarding Soriano, especially when witnessing such nice plays and ATTEMPTS by our other outfielders resulting in injuries. I apologize to YOU for my offensive nature toward Soriano. At least most of us commentators are not naïve enough to bash Barney, the only positon player on the team that does anything GREAT!!! GOLD GLOVE great to be more accurate. GO BARNEY!!

barney should not be a starter in the MLB…. he has been hot lately and that been a much needed boost but he is below replacement value… and thats not my opinion… its just how he has performed this year

See what I mean, Mamma Mia? The Barney bashers coming out of their dens. When I wrote that blog last night I KNEW WHO WOULD SHOW UP WITH THE NEGATIVE BARNEY BLURB. Oh well, SERENITY REIGNS!

its not negativity its REALITY…. darwin barney is below average overall… he plays great defense.. THATS IT!!!!!!!!! nothing else barney does is anywhere close to average………


I don’t see the negativity there. Barney had a very good year last year, his defense is great. However, will he be the guy at 2B at the end of 2014 or 2015? Or will it be Baez, Lake, or someone else?
With that thought in mind, I thought Barney’s value would never be higher than it was last winter or ST.

May God bless the 19 Arizona firefighters who lost their lives yesterday.

Yes, White, I endorse that sentiment. I do believe all 19 were from the same hot shots firefighters unit based in Prescott. Have visited Prescott multiple times as I like that region of the state and that community in particular. Does not this incident represent the largest loss of life amongst firefighters in one event since 9/11?

I believe so and the sad thing is that the fire is still 0 percent contained. My husband lived in Flagstaff for several years – beautiful area.

All we have here is rain with flash flooding and flooded basements etc. White. Is going to continue raining all week, we`re told affecting the holiday. Wish I could send all this water out west where the fires are wreaking havoc.

Barney does indeed play GREAT defense and when a player is GREAT in one aspect of his game such as Barney’s GOLD GLOVE GREAT defense it justifies that player having an integral role as a starter. No other position player on the Cubs does any one thing GREAT as Barney does. Soriano is great at nothing yet good at OCCASSIONAL power, Dejesus is great at nothing yet good with OBP, Schierholtz is great at nothing yet is good at hitting, Rizzo is great at nothing yet is good with driving in runs, Castro is great at nothing yet is good at, at, at, Valbuena is great at nothing yet is good with the glove, Castillo is great at nothing yet is good at throwing (?). At least Barney as admitted by the most heinous of commentators IS indeed GREAT!!! Go Barney.

great defense does not make the player a starter… especially when he is BELOW average in EVERYTHING else… why is that so hard to understand? Look at his WAR…. is .2 this year so far…. average would be .8 to .9 WAR…… he is significantly below average and YES WAR factors in defense

Petrey – Could you please do me a favor and list all the current player’s WAR to help me understand just how bad this is? Thanks.w

or you could use google and research it for yourself…. you aren’t helpless…. basereference.com is the website… then search by name

Joey,I hear you regarding Castillo`s throwing. Recall a play late in yesterday`s game when Castillo threw to first in an attempt to nail a Seattle baserunner after a Cubs hurler delivered a pitch to the dish. I was listening to radio while driving and even the Mariners broadcaster said Seattle caught a break there when the umpire indicated “safe.” Said the throw arrived ahead of runn er getting back to base. I can only imagine what the Cubs` broadcasters said about that. Must have been irate along with the fans.

I saw that play, a great throw we all thought he was out until we saw the slo mo replay, the ump got it right. I think his arm is pretty good, not sure if it would be considered great yet. Can you imagine if the Cubs did not start players that had NO Great ability at ANY aspect of their game AND all other aspects were BELOW AVERAGE??? My goodness, they would have to start by benching Soriano!!! HA! Good thing Barney’s GREAT defense and intelligence makes up for his lackluster hitting. What’s making up for Soriano’s lack luster hitting? His ability to avoid difficult plays and injuries? I suppose so…..

White, just a little info as I am busy saving lives….FANGRAPHS has Soriano’s WAR at .06 and Barney’s WAR at .07, if not mistaken I believe .07 trumps .06 and should the Cubs begin to declare players as not worthy of starting based on WAR then Soriano warms the bench before Barney. I guess that’s what being GREAT at one aspect of one’s game can do for one, something Soriano would not know about, being great.

Thanks joey. Now I really really need to know what you do to save lives. Please share if you are able to tell me. All the stats confuse me, as you already would know.

i never once said soriano had a higher WAR… why did it go to that? Are you that childish you can’t try to learn something new? Once again you are causing problems…. Soriano is also way below average but no one on here was touting him as the savior or a great player… not me… not anyone else… but there were “fans” saying how great barney is but the fact is he isn’t even average… not by a long shot… wayyyyyyyy belowwwwww average.

I don’t know about you all but I absolutely LOVE our below average (way below average) player BARNEY. Any more way below average players like Barney – bring ’em on.


Clarence, I am in Portland, Oregon where it will be 98 degrees today. The MS stands for the disease multiple sclerosis which I have. That is why I cannot be in high heat which makes me even sicker. Just so you know what MS means.

Excellent, GAME Saver, outstanding, intelligent, graceful, athletic, all adjectives in this blog’s topic describing Barney, AND ALL TRUE. Not one commenter described Barney a “savior”. Barney’s GREAT defense and GOLD GLOVE caliber play may make him an above average player. It’s subjective but undeniable. How many other Cub players can be described as such? Hardly any, certainly not Soriano. You got it right White, no doubt. Bashers gonna bash just to get back at you (me) for having such strong and VALID high regard for the one player that can be COUNTED on DAY AFTER DAY for SOMETHING. EVERY DAY.

great defense does not make you an above average player… if it does please show me how? will one of you please show me a stat that proves this? Barney does play hard and he does play great defense but he doesn’t produce enough to get the cubs MORE Wins…. which is the whole point of WAR. You can be as old school as you want but old means out dated…. try to learn a thing or two and maybe you will see what I am trying to say… I am not bashing barney… he is a fine player but he would be on the bench for a good team

Give it up Petrey. You are just proving over and over again how little you know about baseball. I have an idea. Why don’t you talk with pitchers like Samardj who will tell you the security they feel with Barney behind them. Then talk to the rest of the infield who can tell you that Barney is the glue that keeps it working. He is a Cub and is not on the bench. Define the “good team” he would be on the bench for. Which good team doesn’t need a GG?


Speaking of bashing, have you posted a comment without bashing Soriano? Also have you checked out the stats on successful steal attempts versus caught stealing by the Cubs catchers? Great thrower?

jasper they don’t look at anything related to a stat… they just watch and think every great play makes certain people amazing players

Jasper, you gotta love these long blogs….can’t keep up with who is replying to who sometimes, it’s great fun. If you were commenting re my posts bashing Soriano most do as he is the one player that really stands out in my opinion as needing to go…as far as Castillo being a great thrower? I did not say that, I said he is great at nothing yet a good thrower. Carry on!!

what are we going to gain by soriano leaving at this point?? Salary relief? Most likely NOT because we will have to pay most if not all of his salary…. prospect return? Nope bc teams aren’t offering much in return…. is soriano blocking a prospect? NO there is no one ready to take over for Soriano…. I get it you want soriano gone and so do I BUT I am at least realistic in seeing that the chances are its just not going to happen. So why must we read your negative comments on him EVERY time you post? It gets old…

Joey, it is amazing how all the rest of us are wrong and Pet is right. (According to Pet, that is.) He is wrong about baseball too often. Joey, White, Clarence keep it coming. Pet has to be committed to a facility at some point.

Thanks Jim, you are priceless my friend!!! A second baseman that ADMITTEDLY plays GREAT defense WOULDN’T start on a good team? Huh? He would help MAKE the team good, it is only the fact that there is so much FAILURE from other players and the manger/coaches that keeps the CURRENT team from being at least a LITTLE better with Barney’s GREAT defense, right? Insanity. Barney with his GREAT defense and instinct is one of the few reasons the Cubs have GOOD games in the first place. Ha!!! Your comment regarding a “facility” is spot on, but no facility would accept him???

News update from Petrey: Shark hits better than Barney. Shark avg. 111, OPS 402. Barney avg. 229, OPS 639. What’s missing here ?

it was obviously sarcasm…….. relax… take your meds

Where did you get the OPS for him White? Anyway, if true, what’s missing? A calculator evidently…..that’s what he gets for trying to do the math with his fingers, maybe taking off his shoes might help next time? Or would the hair get in the way??

Oh….SHARKasm White, well duh right? Who would have thought he was evolved enough to even think of being SHARKastic?? Congrats to HWSRN everybody as he takes one more step in the evolutionary process yet still manages to insult a fine and respectable Cub fan like White by mentioning meds, a very important, personal and vital part of your life no doubt White. Yes, please remember your meds as we all (well most) respect you too much!

o and white glad to see you found a way to get stats… now compare Barney’s #’s with the rest of the MLB 2nd Basemen and let me know what you find…. would love to see what your research shows….. but i have a feeling you couldn’t stomach what you find because you got a crush on a guy

Hey White, while you are looking up Barney’s stats let me know if you find a GOLD GLOVE…..

that’s like the pot calling the kettle black huh joey? Get off your high horse and realize you have been the jerkstore the past while…

Here we go AGAIN Carrie, but come on….at least it’s a lot CLEANER language than we’re used to from him and pretty funny stuff for your blog too, right?? Come on, come on …. you know I’m right. 🙂

aww poor baby… you want a coddling? Or a tissue for the tears? The “UMMMMMMM IM TELLING ATTITUDE” gets old bud

Joey doesn’t need a tissue Petrey. We blogger friends have MUCH better “comfort” sops. There are chocolates galore, our “special” brownies, our catnip and better yet we have friends to back us up if attacked. Yup and I’ve got my meds – how would you like a shot every day with a 2 inch needle? Right now I am watching the squirrels in our feeder eating sunflower seeds (maybe one is named Castro), and gorgeous butterflies on large purple flowers of our butterfly bush.

That was funny, not cubs related, but very funny.

Mamma Mia, I hope you are surviving the heat down there. I have felt such a day of sadness for the 19 firefighters who died yesterday – and hear that the fire is 0 percent contained. Struggling to maintain here in Oregon – in the 90’s. Shirley Purrl is lying by the window – “limp rag cat”. My neighbors keep checking to make sure I am still breathing, so good so far. Any attacks from certain you know who’s have been just the usual sputtering “I’m right, you are wrong” postures and when all else fails to rile me he reminds me to calm down and take my meds. Been there, done that. “Serenity” is our new mantra and twill be funny to see what the next attempt to rile us will be. Stay safe and cool.

White, I hope you are managing to stay as cool as you write! You are truly a class act regardless of what you thought of Marmol. I can relate, your Marmol was my Soriano and HWSRN is most everybody’s private Satan. But we are strong in our civility and our SERENITY….good idea White….SERENITY in knowing how much better human beings we are than HWSRN. Can’t imagine sinking to his level of vitriol.

Thanks joey. Rough day with the heat! Shirley Purrl lying by the window looking exactly like a melted chocolate, butterscotch, marshmallow sundae. Strawberries and rhubarb picked from our garden and made into dessert crisp. Will to survive and serenity reign. Worrisome heat and fires around Mamma Mia but think he will handle it well. Game tomorrow to stay awake for and another round of debates. Go Cubbies!

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