6/30 Sweeney has fractured rib

Cubs outfielder Ryan Sweeney has a fractured left rib, suffered when he crashed into the outfield wall at Safeco Field on Saturday, and will not be able to do any baseball activities for four to six weeks. Sweeney was injured after catching Kendrys Morales’ fly ball for the second out in the third inning.

“It’s unfortunate because we started to get things going with the offense and now we lose a big piece of that,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Sunday. “It’s unfortunate for him, too, because he’s trying to get his career going and play everyday. It stinks when those things happen to guys like that who are good players and getting a chance and all of a sudden it’s taken away for a couple of months.”

Sweeney was batting .295, and had taken over in center field after David DeJesus sprained his right shoulder crashing into the outfield wall at Citi Field on June 14.

“The wall is harder now because they put in a new wall,” Sweeney said of Safeco Field. “It felt like a brick wall when I hit it. I grabbed my side because I felt it jolt a little. I feel like I’ve hit that way before and it wasn’t that hard. It must have just hit me in the right spot. I came out of the game and was hoping I maybe bruised it and tried to swing and couldn’t swing.”

X-rays were negative but a CT scan showed the fracture.

“I knew I didn’t feel great, but obviously, you don’t know if a bone is broken,” Sweeney said.

For now, the Cubs will use Brian Bogusevic in center. Sweeney is headed to the disabled list, but no move was made Sunday. After an off day Monday, they will make a roster move prior to Tuesday’s game against the Athletics. The team could add a pitcher, depending on how overworked the bullpen is.

Sweeney was obviously disappointed.
“It’s frustrating,” he said. “Last year, I got a concussion when I was hitting .350. It seems like it comes at the worse time for me. I play hard so it’s not like I was out of control when I hit the wall. It was just a fluke thing.”

— Carrie Muskat


I am so sad for Sweeney. Being given the chance to play everyday and to be doing such a great job of it and now “the dang rib” ! He probably is wanting to bang his head against that wall in disappointment today. Heal well, Sweeney, and come back soon!

Definatley adds validity to a “Cubs Curse” White. Poor guy. Well on to Bogusevic…and maybe Szcuzr!!?? Of course only if the FO is out of their mind and promote a well performing minor league outfielder when WE NEED ONE.

u can keep ranting on this topic but Szczur will not see the majors until he gets a good sample size in AAA…. that’s how the FO works and I am glad they are running it instead of YOU bc you truly have no clue

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The Cubs have an off-day today, so I would think the bullpen would be well-rested by Tuesday. My guess is Dave Sappelt returns to the Majors. Maybe that opens up an opportunity for Szczur to be promoted to AAA, but I would be surprised if we see him in the Majors before September.

Me too Doug. The FO would have to be OUT OF THEIR MIND to promote Szczur to to the ML club but one never knows. If not I hope to see him in September when hopefully left field will be opened up. Sappelt doesn’t do anything for me. Does he for you Doug?

just last year you were giddy about Sappelt and argued with me about starting him in the OF…. pick a side bud and stick to your guns… but talk around the subject and flipping will probably continue because you can’t handle someone with a different opinion

Doug I it is between Sappelt, Clevenger, or Lake……. I am hoping for Lake.. he could be a valuable asset to the future of this team

I am hoping to see Lake take a role like Derosa… can play lots of positions and has a bat that could play everyday on a ML team

Doug, I’ll take Szczur over Sappelt any day, at least to see what he has to offer just as I would have taken Sappelt LAST YEAR. You know, LAST YEAR Doug, a looooong time ago before Szczur was an option. NOW (this year for all you slow to think…..) Sczurz is MAKING A STATEMENT…..NOT SAPPELT. Lake would be good too because if like DeRosa……HE CAN PLAY LEFT FIELD!! WOO HOO!!!

Calling up a player just to “see what he’s got” might have been a strategy 20 years ago, but these days teams have enough scouting and video on their own players to know what they’ve got before they call them up. I’m sure the Cubs have their own internal time table on Szczur, so calling him up now just because they can would only make sense if they felt he was ready now. My guess is, they aren’t ready to call him up now, as they had their chance to just a few days ago when they DFAed Marmol, but called up Bogusevic instead. As for Junior Lake, he’ll probably be up by September, but he did miss the first two months of the season due to a broken rib, so they might want to give him a little more playing time at AAA before calling him up. Plus, Lake only has a few games in RF at AAA and has mainly been playing 3B, so unless they plan on getting rid of or reducing the role of Luis Valbuena, Lake probably wouldn’t play everyday in the Majors just yet.

To see what he has to offer….I say this not in a GENERAL way for good teams to practice but THIS individual team under THESE individual circumstances (losing Dejesus, losing Sweeney, losing Campana…) we’re kind of thin right now so NOW would be the time to vary from what I agree is the normal practice of giving somebody like Szcuzr more time in AAA, but if our choice is Sappelt??? Time for outside the box thinking and risk taking. Normal practices may not apply to this Cubs team during these really strange rebuilding years that we are unaccustomed….

I disagree. When Theo came to Chicago, he explained very clearly to everyone that he wanted to rebuild the Cubs from the ground up and that minor league player development would be the main focus of that plan. That means no matter how bad it got up in the Majors, the minor league focus would be to get the players in the system developed and ready to compete at the Major League level. I’m not saying that Szczur is ready or is not ready now. I’m saying that it’s the Cubs job to know when he, or any player, is ready, and if they call a player up just to “see what he’s got” then they would be going back on their entire plan they laid out for us all since the day they got here. Sappelt wouldn’t be coming up here for a shot at being the next great Cubs outfielder. He’d be coming up, like Bogusevic and like Sweeney before him, because he’s a guy who can fill a roster spot until a better option comes along.

So Bogusevic, Sweeney and Sappelt have no shot at sticking with the team regardless of how well they play in the majors? Kind of like sacrificial lambs? WHEN the Cubs DO bring up a YOUNG, HOME GROWN prospect (unlike Bogusevic, Sweeney and Sappelt as all three were brought in from outside the organization) such as Szcuzr THEN according to your theory the Cubs FO DEEM them “ready” for the majors? OK, I get that. But evidently that theory did not hold water with Vitters (NOT ready, just had a look see?) and Jackson (NOT ready, just had a look see?). Regardless of who determines if a player is ready for the majors it won’t be known until they get in the majors. Some are brought up earlier than desired due to NECESSITY and will get that look see in the majors and that may be the case with Szcurz. I agree it probably won’t happen but MAY happen, especially if we lose one more outfielder. Unless of course Hoystein trades for Colvin or Campana that is!!!

Yes, Bogusevic, Sweeney, and Sappelt have no shot at sticking with the team long term. Maybe Bougsevic or Sweeney return next year as a bench player, but don’t expect anything out of them. And when I say the Cubs will bring up a prospect when they are ready, I don’t mean they will bring him up when they think he will hit like Puig in the Majors. I mean ready as in he’s done just about all the developing he can do at the minor league level and keeping him in the minors won’t really add much to his development. Yes, Vitters and Jackson sucked when they came up last year, but each of them pretty much reached a point in their development where they really had nothing left to do at AAA. Sure Jackson strikes out a lot, but that’s the type of player that he is and keeping him at AAA wouldn’t change that. As for Szczur, who knows if the Cubs feel he is at that point or not? Hitting .300 at AA doesn’t mean much if you’re still learning how to approach each at bat for each different hitting situation. Remember, Szczur played mostly football for most of his life, so he probably has a little more developing to do than most players his age. And yes, the Cubs will wait until they feel that he’s developed enough to have a shot at the Majors and not jump at the first opportunity to fill a roster spot. I mean, it’s not like Hoyer was sitting at his desk when he got the call that Sweeney got hurt, then opened up the newspaper to see what Cubs minor leaguer was hitting the highest at that moment. They know where Szczur is in his development and it will be their call, not the randomness of a mid-season injury, that brings him up to the Majors.

doug I totally see where you coming from and agree with you…. but you aren’t going to get through some of the thick skulls here

And you don’t have to get through any of our thick skulls Doug as it’s….JUST A BLOG. By the way, I loved reading your comments and thoughts regarding Szcuzr, I hope at the very least he has a good AAA season and maybe we will see him in September? He certainly looks impressive to me.

Nicely put Doug, thank you. And more than likely you are absolutely correct. I’ll keep my hopes high that Szcuzr bucks the trend however and surprises BOTH of us because I don’t think we’ll see him before September either. This team needs a spark for sure, especially with Castro floundering and Rizzo not as hot as we all hoped.

Thanks, we’ll see what happens I guess.

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