7/1 Baez finished 2nd

It came down to the wire, but Javy Baez lost to Astros prospect Carlos Correa in the fan voting for the final spot on the World Team in the All-Star Futures Game. Correa, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 Draft, edged Baez by one percent. Baez was the Cubs’ first-round pick in 2011, and ninth player taken overall.


White, serious question: How would you feel if the Cubs 3rd Baseman averages over 23 errors a season for, lets say, 10 years. Hitting highs of over 30 at least twice??

Hi White, serious question: How are you feeling today? I hope all is well and what truly matters to your heart and soul is being nourished this day YOU seem to be targeted. God bless.

Ok Joey, your the manager. You have a good hitting 3rd Banseman, his forst cople years he makes 30 something errors and then, lets say around 26 his second year. What would you do?

lol amazing how no one answers intelligent questions around here

Good morning joey. Thank you for asking if I am okay. Been a rough heat week and makes my MS really BAD. Survival mode in full force. I do seem to be getting a lot of hits but feel ready to debate any and all and hopefully avoid using any swear words in the process! Harumffff!

Good to hear White. You are inspirational.

It all matters: defense, offense, and pitching, especially pitching. Any successful club needs to excel in all areas; this is elementary stuff; should not even need to be stated.

You nailed it jhosk! It all matters. Wonderful article in today’s Oregonian newspaper about Barney. To date he has had 303 errorless plays this year. Since the Cubs were in Seattle this weekend they said they had never seen so many friends and family attend. Dar had 75 of them on the field for batting practice. Hope you are not being flooded out where you live. We get heat, you get water.

75 is an impressive number, White. He has an abundance of admirerers. Is blessed. The water is under control today. Thanks for the concern. Learned today that region of Arizona where the 19 tragically perished had not seen a fire event since 1967, the year myself graduated from college, and that feels like a long time ago. Heard an intelligent gentleman comment he believed climate change is a factor. Hope your medical condition is not exacerbated by the heat today. Cubs play an excellent team beginning today. Had better bring their “A” game.

OK Jasper…I’ll play….If he’s JUST a GOOD hitting third baseman I would look into replacing him if I had options on the roster. GOOD hitters need to have good defense to be everyday players. GREAT hitters can have lesser defensive skills, but they must be GREAT hitters in order to make up for their defense. Who is it that you are referring to Jasper? I sense a “gotcha” moment coming…. You see? NOW you’re getting it!! This is good stuff with NO BLAME. BTW….what’s a Banseman?? Forst? and Cople? (just kidding, you know that….)

Ok Joey, you have 3rd Baseman with tons of potential at the plate. You have a power hitting 1st Baseman playing 1st, so you cant move him there, there is no way he can play the outfield. Do you keep him at 3rd and hope his bat makes up for an everage of over 50 some errors his first two seasons? Trade him? Stick with him?
Just giving you a scenerio here.

Are you getting a headache yet joey? What are we trying to accomplish here? Seems to me all of this would depend on other variants such as who was available to replace 3rd, how many runs have scored on his errors, etc,etc. My head hurts just thinking about it.

Look up Ron Santos fielding stats gentlemen. In his career he averaged over 20 errors a season, making over 30 at least twice.

hahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahha nice!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!

Ron Santo, duh…some gotcha moment. No headache White, I take it as just Jasper’s way of truly having a good time WITH us as opposed to AGAINST us. Jasper, your scenario went from the third baseman being just a GOOD hitter to having TONS of potential at the plate, a big difference. But to accommodate your desire for an answer I politely offer this: Yes, I keep him at third base due to him NOW being a player with TONS of hitting potential (not just a GOOD hitter) if there is no viable option, just as Sveum MUST be doing with Soriano except for the fact Soriano has far from tons of hitting potential at the plate and Sveum did indeed have viable options for LF long before he FINALLY decided to give Soriano some bench time and play him as a temporary DH until Sweeney got injured. Evidently the best laid plans of mice, men AND Sveum can go astray. I enjoyed this little play time exercise Jasper, thanks for breaking up the day. But White is right, we can only hope you accomplished what you set out for or proved a vague point??? Either way, fun stuff, no cursing, no blaming. We should be so proud of ourselves everybody!!!

way to talk your way around a point again… ur the best at it

Okay, okay Petrey. I get it! You know how to spell “ha”. Keep up the good work!

hahahahaha BOOM!!!!!!!! How O HOW could someone with such BAD defense get in the HOF????? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I DON’T KNOW…. *sarcasm*

White, every time the little one, HWSRN gets unnerved by our relentless crusade of civility, justice, kinship and of course all that’s right in Cubdom……I feel so……DAMN GOOD. TONS of potential here to feel even better!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah!! (damn, typo!…should have used spell check??)

Joey you took it right, just an example. Then add if a player comes up as a good hitter and makes over 20 errors at his position, common sense would tell you: there must be lots of potential if they kept that player there a 2nd season.
If I confused you, I apolgise. I will word the next scenerio better. My bad.

Or, he is kept there for lack of options not because he being a good hitter translates into a lot of hitting potential. I think this case is playing out with Castro, a good hitter and two ML years with a LOT of hits WOULD INDEED indicate a TON of hitting potential, hence the overlooking of his BAD fielding and being left alone at SS. Vice versa with Barney, TONS of excellent fielding is the only thing that is keeping him at second base over Ransom, Valbuena etc. Got to be honest!!

Taking Vabuena out of the equation, because he is the Cubs 3rd Baseman at present. I would keep Barney at 2B because of his defense and because the bat is finally coming around. Ransom has been a very good backup inf with the Cubs, (just my opinion ) I dont see him as a regular, too valuable off the bench.

i would disagree barney’s bat is coming around… what stats show you that proof? his last 7 games he has a .217 ave…hitting .229 overall… Plus barney has gotten worse with the bat the last couple years each year… I think the only thing keeping barney in the lineup is we are a terrible team and so many other holes that need filling. Barney’s GG MAY have even been a fluke because I don’t see him in the running this year

For all those not only mentally impaired but visually: ALL players must realize when to THROW the ball and when to keep it regardless if the ACQUIRING of the ball was miraculous or not. For ALL of us that actually did (and DO) play the game we are taught this from day one and have the capacity to make such judgments during a game depending on the situation. Baseball SMARTS it’s called, Barney has them, Soriano does NOT. (I put that in there for all who were waiting on the edge of their seat for the Soriano bash, don’t want to disappoint!)

Have you looked up Sorianos assists while playing LF the last several years or just throwing that out there Joey?

No he hasn’t…

He HAS BEEN pretty darn good with assists in the past few years Jasper, even I know that. It’s not enough. I do watch almost every game and have seen his assists as well as his too numerous “non attempts” at balls that more talented and intuitive outfielders would not let fall in for hits. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that I have seen a better effort from Soriano this year in trying to get to balls. It’s not enough.

Sorry….you didn’t mind if I actually answered your question for ME…did you?

so got a serious question… would you rather have a guy like soriano where he doesn’t put in the effort to get to balls he probably could or a guy liek castro where he gets to every single ball he can but produces more errors?

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