7/2 Cubs lineup

Chris Rusin gets the start Tuesday night for the Cubs as they open a three-game Interleague series against the Athletics. Rusin, who was named to PCL All-Star team, earlier today, was 7-7 with a 3.27 ERA in 17 games (16 starts). He leads the PCL in innings pitched and a 1.10 WHIP, and was tied for fourth in opponents batting average (.241).

This will be the Cubs’ first-ever regular season game at O.co Coliseum, the 121st different ballpark in which they’ve played. After tonight, the Cubs will have played a regular-season game in every current Major League city and a game in every active ballpark except the new Yankee Stadium.

Here’s the lineup:

Valbuena 3B
Castro SS
Schierholtz RF
Soriano LF
Rizzo 1B
Navarro DH
Bogusevic CF
Barney 2B
Castillo C

Chris Rusin P


Doesnt Feldman take one of those spots?

Carrie, how many days rest has Rusin had from his last AAA start? It seems like I just read yesterday where he won in your Minors Matter column.

This is going to be ugly! Early to bed for me. Can’t stand the trades.

I understand the need for the trades and don’t have a problem with them. My problem is – is this “rag-armed” lefty (Rusin) the best we have in the minors? Yikes.

Also, can we please find someone to take Camp from us? Even for an old bag of baseballs.

cubfanron, he may not be the best in the Minors, but has ML experience and went 2 & 3 last year with the Cubs. Why start complaining?

cubfanron, I think Rusin was just the next in a long line of sacrificial lambs brought to the bigs in order not to “RUSH” other players that may be better but “NEED” more time in the minors so they can become “guaranteed ready” for the majors. (how’s that working out for Rusin?) However bringing up Rusin to pitch on short days rest is questionable and the result was a poor performance lasting only 3.1 innings. I guess the Cubs DO promote out of necessity rather than merit as is the case regarding the outfield bringing up Sappelt, Bogusevic, to fill open spots created by injuries to Dejesus and Sweeney and for that matter keeping Borbon on the roster all becasuse they don’t want to “RUSH” a possible much better player in Szcuzr??? Hell, short rest, short notice….they just “RUSHED” Rusin!!

how did they rush him? He pitched in the bigs last year?

Thats not true and you know it Joey. Rusin had 7 starts in 2012 and 1 in 2011. He was not rushed, plus he is 26 Y/O.
Bringing up Szcuzr from AA at this point makes NO SENSE if you have a guy like Sappelt to get by with. Promoting Szcuzr to AAA, maybe.

I beg to differ Jasper….if he is 26 now, he was 24 back in 2011 for 7 starts. He wasn’t RUSHED then? That’s my point and you made if for me Jasper. Rusin WASN’T RUSHED, he was NEEDED.
As he was NEEDED last night. I typed all that ‘RUSHED” stuff just to get this point. You and I are not to decide if bringing up Szcuzr makes sense or not, a lot of fans may think it made NO SENSE to bring up Rusin for a start on short rest, hence truly being RUSHED. Personally I don’t care one way or the other with most of the minor leaguers as I believe when they get here they will prove their worth…or not. This team needs more than just an “availbale” outfielder, it needs some promise, some hope, some spark and I belive that Szcurzr has much more to offer in that regard than the been there done that Sappelt. I stick with my intent we are allowed our own opinions regarding all things Cubs. When it comes to RUSHING players the debate can be endless.
Some may debate that despite Castro’s TWO excellent ML years he was RUSHED because he was only 19 years old, well evidently TWO years In the ML’s says otherwise. Yet some may stick with that opinion based on how far he has fallen HIS THIRD ML year….if left in the minors those two years maybe he would be a better major leaguer if brought up for the first time THIS year.
Debate, debate, debate….ya gotta love it…because here we are.

Well, all I can say joey is I feel very comfortable with Rusin now, taking Feldmans spot. I also feel very comfortable that Hoyer and Epstein are doing the right thing with players in the Minors. I support both of them fully along with the rest of the Organization.
It is their call when to bring someone up, I support that also. The reason being is they get paid and have the knowledge of everything behind the scenes. You and I are just fans, we can voice opinions, ( right or wrong ), speculate, debate, but there is not one of us that could step in their spot today and do a better job.

That was an awesome post Jasper. And VERY WELL RECEIVED I might add!
Enjoy the season my friend!

Wow! Now I have to try to stay awake a bit longer. Thanks Sori.

Rumors are that Gilroy Jimeniz everybody is high on, just agreed with the Cubs.

Eloy Jiminez. lol

Castro is playing like an idiot! Soriano had the ball and was calling Castro off – but, duh – let’s have a dangerous collision and collect an error and let them tie the game. Then he does it again – Soriano is there and Castro could have caused another collision. Does he not understand the “I got it” call? Does he not understand? Does anyone ever get benched for stupidity and causing dangerous situations?

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