7/2 Cubs sign top prospect

MLB.com’s Jesse Sanchez reports the Cubs have signed 16-year-old Venezuelan shortstop Gleyber Torres to a $1.7 million deal. Torres ranked third among international prospects on MLB.com’s list. According to Baseball America’s Ben Badler, Torres has drawn comparisons to Freddy Sanchez. MLB.com’s scouting report says Torres “does everything well” and is the top player from Venezuela in this year’s class.

The Cubs also have reportedly signed Dominican right-handed pitcher Jefferson Mejia for $850,000. Mejia, 18, pitched at the Rays’ Dominican academy in January in the International Prospect League All-Star game, according to Badler.


This sounds like two more awesome signings by Epstein & Hoyer. The lower minors are getting better & better.

Yes! I agree!!, They are excelling at stocking the system. Let’s bring him to the majors and light a fire under Castro’s keester!!! (couldn’t help myself Jasper…) I really hope we see a contending club in 2015, what do you think Jasper?

When I first read this lead in: “Cubs sign top prospect,” I assumed it was Bryant who was signed. Wonder when that`s going to get done. It seems to have been placed on back burner, or perhaps machinations are taking place behind the scene at a feverish pace.

jhosk, I was worried about that signing also. Then I looked at last years signings and the Cubs waited until the last minute to sign Almora. He was signed July 11th 2012.
Also, if I understand correctly and I may be very wrong, the Cubs are doing their best to sign a HS player, C, 37th round pick, Jeremy Martinez. He will require a sizable bonus as he has scholarships to choose from. Great prospect, but has options.

Jasper, do you know who was/is Almora’s agent? It sure would be interesting to be a fly on the wall and able to find out what exactly it is that holds up these signings…to play the greatest game in the world for un-Godly sums of money hence SECURITY. A web woven of greed perhaps?

Bryant deal will get done… its just a staring contest now… someone will blink and get this done… like stated before there is NO real benefit for Bryant to go back to school because he COULD miss out on a LOT of money if he gets hurt or his stock drops in the MUCH MUCH higher quality draft that next year shows to be

Boros is Bryant’s agent. We can guess why it’s taking time.

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