7/2 Scouting report

Cubs closer Kevin Gregg was a teammate of Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop last year with the Orioles, and was with Matt Guerrier on the Dodgers in Spring Training. When he heard that the Cubs had acquired Arrieta and Strop on Tuesday, he was surprised.

“I couldn’t believe when I heard it, that we got both Arrieta and Pedro,” Gregg said Tuesday. “That’s two big pickoffs. Stuff-wise, you’re looking at two good arms.”

The Cubs sent Scott Feldman to the Orioles for Arrieta and Strop, and dealt Carlos Marmol to the Dodgers for Guerrier. Strop and Guerrier were expected to join the team and be in the bullpen on Wednesday, while Arrieta will go to Triple-A Iowa.

“Strop had a great year last year, and was part of the best bullpen in baseball,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. “This year has not been going so good. I guess he was on the [disabled list] with back problems. We’re getting a power arm. Guerrier will be a guy you can use in multiple roles, like [Carlos] Villanueva is for us now.”

Gregg said both Arrieta and Strop have good arms and a good mix of pitches.

“Pedro is a great bullpen guy,” Gregg said. “He had an outstanding year last year and just got in a funk this year. I think it’ll be good to get him here and get him pitching. He needs to pitch more to be successful.”

In 2012, Strop compiled a 2.44 ERA in a career-high 70 games, striking out 58 over 66 1/3 innings. He has a 7.25 ERA in 29 games this season with the Orioles. Maybe the right-hander needs a change of scenery?

“It could be good for him,” Gregg said of Strop. “He left Texas and came to Baltimore and did outstanding, and then got in a funk again. When he came to Baltimore, we weren’t winning, and he got in a groove and ran with it. He had a couple rough outings and got pushed to the side a little. I’m excited. It’s a great pickup for the Cubs.”

Gregg, who in the Dodgers camp this spring, also talked to Guerrier about his role. The newest Cubs pitcher had a 4.80 ERA in 34 appearances with the Dodgers.

“He’s a solid reliever who has been there, done that,” Gregg said of the right-hander. “The change of scenery could help him, too. We talked a little in Spring Training because he was under the microscope in spring with the situation the way it was there.”

— Carrie Muskat


I hope he’s right and they have great arms😀

Ditto Isabel!!!🙂🙂

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I like Gregg’s body language. Exudes confidence. Suppose he’ll be gone soon.

Gregg said, “That`s two big pickoffs?” Is that a typo, and did he mean pickups? Both Arrieta and Strop have had control issues this season. Are we to assume that both are suddenly going to be able to find the plate now that they are our property, when they were all over the lot with their pitches while with Orioles? Sometimes a change of scenery turns a player`s fortunes around. Let`s hope that`s the case with these two dudes. But I`m a pessimistic optimist, and also from Missouri when it comes to these matters. I liked Feldman, and we conceded last night`s game to Oakland as soon as that trade was consummated, as he was scheduled to start that contest, and he gave us a legit chance to win that game, and his fill in did not.

The Cubs lost a game last night, anything unusual? Will it mean anything in the standings this year?
What did the Cubs do yesterday? They traded Fleldman, Torreyes and Marmol who was gone anyway. What was the loss? Feldman who was doing well and would have been a FA at the end of the season anyway.
The Signed 3 or 4 International FA’s 16 to 18 y/o. They increased their International pool money at the same time. That right there was worth Feldman who would have probably left as a FA anyway.
But, they saved a few thousand on Marmols contract, they saved the rest of the season on Feldmans contract.
But wait, it goes furher. They picked up 3 pitchers having bad seasons. If just one of them gets it together, huge bonus. 2, its like, wow, party time.
All that for Feldman really?? Torreyes will not be missed and Marmol was gone anyway.
Whats the big deal in a non competitive season??

I was watching the game with my dad last night and told him “Watch Sveum is going to come in and put Russell after this batter either gets out or gets on base.” Sure enough there was a pitching change! And Russell comes in and messes it up! I was so angry! I stood up until 12 watching this game and they lose. It was a good game but still…how could this happen!? We got rid of Marmol…don’t tell me Russell is going to take his spot of throwing away games.

Yes, Isabel, I was unhappy with Russell as well. It is a discouraging scenario, but relief pitching is a major aspect of our club we need to bolster. I believe we, along with the Dodgers, have relief pitching with the worst era`s in the NL. Pitchers like Camp and Russell are going to need to be replaced by more productive personnel if we are serious about improving our club.

Yes I agree. We have great defensive players we have the hitters, but we need help with the pitching. I think we have great starters! They do their job but we need relievers/closers. Without them we’ll lose the games. I think that’s all we need to focus on right now. We need to really make sure that that hole is filled. Everything else can be fixed with training! I hope that we really do get it fixed and soon.!

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