7/3 Cubs lineup

Matt Garza takes the mound Wednesday as the Cubs try to even their Interleague series against the Athletics. Here’s the lineup:

Valbuena 3B
Castro SS
Schierholtz RF
Soriano DH
Rizzo 1B
Navarro C
Bogusevic LF
Barney 2B
Borbon CF

Garza P

* At the halfway point of the season, the Cubs are 35-46, an improvement on last year’s 31-50 record. This year, the Cubs have a -11 run differential through 81 games compared to a -71 run differential through 81 games in 2012. Also, Chicago’s team OPS of .707 this year is a slight improvement on last year’s .684 mark through 81 games. The Cubs have hit 20 more home runs at this point compared to last year (87 vs. 67) and have scored 39 more runs (337 to 298).

* The Cubs’ team ERA of 3.97 is nearly a half run lower than last year’s 4.37 ERA through 81 games. Cubs starting pitchers have a 3.82 ERA through 81 games this season after posting a 4.32 ERA at this point last year, while the bullpen has a 4.32 ERA through 81 games this year, lower than the 4.47 ERA through 81 games last year.

* Cubs designated hitters are batting .444 (12-for-27) with three doubles, two home runs, six RBI and a 1.244 OPS in seven games this season.


Hope someone has worked with Castro today on knowing when he is being called off a ball. I read Sori’s lips last night as he said “I got it, I got it” several times. Grave injury could have been caused and then Castro did the same thing on the next play. And his error caused 2 runs to come in. I dwell on this because Castro seems to be more and more disengaged on the field and also at the plate. The look on his face is one of desperation rather than determination. Any thoughts?

I hope its a better game then yesterday! Gosh that was horrible! I can’t believe we lost like that! But I have faith in Garza to start off the game on a good note🙂

Did not see last night`s game, White, but have been saying most of season that Castro has looked distracted on both offense and defense. Could there be an underlying issue with the young man preventing him fom devoting his full attention to the game?

Exactly right jhosk. Wondering the same thing and think manager needs to find out if anything away from the field is distracting him. Personal issues, etc. If Castro wants to continue to succeed in the game it will need his full attention during the season.

Good to know, Mamma Mia. I would imagine all our players would at one time or another have to work some things out. I don’t think most fans realize the tremendous pressure that comes with being an MLB player. The wives and children to protect, the week after week traveling, the pressure to stay focused and totally physically fit, etc. It isn’t all roses!

Well, the thing is, Mamma Mia, you don’t need him anyway! We’ve got our special brownies, catnip and friendship to keep us happy.

Im still waiting for my brownies White!!! haha

Come out to Oregon to get them, Isabel! Barneyland awaits you. :))

The Cubs won last night. Garza did not damage his trade value; on the contrary, he enhanced it. Bogey had two hits. Could this guy be the real deal, or is he just a stopgap? Even Castro provided some offense. Feldman pitched six solid innings for his new team; did not get the decision, but am guessing Buck is pleased with the effort.

I would love to visit Oregon nut I have to stay to support him here because they’re finally coming back!🙂

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