7/7 Garza rumors

According to FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, the Rangers were interested in Matt Garza last season, and nearly acquired him at the Trade Deadline. However, Garza had a stress reaction in his right elbow, and he didn’t pitch after July 21. The Rangers instead dealt for Ryan Dempster. The Rangers are reportedly pursuing Garza again this year. The right-hander is healthy, and will make his 10th start on Monday against the White Sox. He’s given up two earned runs over 30 innings in his last four starts.


We should receive a top prospect or two in return if Garza goes to Rangers. We do not need veterans who have failed this season at major league level as we received from Orioles.

We are in an unusual status, meaning we have quality pitchers we are willing to part with. Very few major league teams are in that position. Therefore, we can be super selective in whom we do business. If Texas does not come across with the necessary goods, we can look to other contenders. We have until the last day of this month. Teams which are serious about winning a championship will covet pitchers like Garza, and will be agreeable to parting with top talent to consummate such a deal.

WE agree jhosk! (It’s just a thing Darrell….)

I don’t agree with the use of “we.” I have been a Cub fan since my dad first took me to Cubs Park in 1948, but I would not presume to claim that I somehow had a role in the general management of the ballclub. Mike Royko understood that (see his final column in March1997.)

I do not claim to have such a role. How do you conclude that? Have not been a fan as long as yourself, but that`s only because I was a “babe in arms” in 1948. Can`t I have an opinion as to how the club should approach transactions? That`s what I thought part of this site was about, and frankly, I believe I`ve paid my dues and earned such a privilege, Darrell.

WE agree again jhosk! “WE” are ALL in this together. How is that misunderstood????

I understand what Darrell M is putting out there. I try my best not to use the word (we) when writing on here. I am sure I have, but try not too. I understand Jhosk use of the word when speaking of the Cubs.
It may be just me, but even with opinions, I am still just a fan. Player moves, transactions and such are strictly from the front office and this fan has nothing to do with any of them.
I do not want credit for the signings of Bradley, Soriano, Zambrano or Marmol. I certainly do not want any credit on the Stewart gamble.

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